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NICBot Camp


Learn how to build, program and control Lego EV3 Robots. No prior experience required. This year's camp will be offered as a combination of previous Level 1 and "Xtreme" camps with expansion kits available for those with prior robotics experience.

Section Location Dates Cost
CAMP-LEGO-CRS1 CR Jul 18-Jul 22 $200.00
CAMP-LEGO-CRS2 CR Jul 25-Jul 29 $200.00
CAMP-LEGO-CRS3 CR Aug 15-Aug 19 $200.00
CAMP-LEGO-CVS1 CV Jul 4-Jul 8 $200.00
CAMP-LEGO-CVS2 CV Jul 11-Jul 15 $200.00
CAMP-LEGO-CVS3 CV Aug 22-Aug 26 $200.00
CAMP-LEGO-PAS1 PA Aug 8-Aug 12 $200.00
CAMP-LEGO-TOS1 TO Aug 2-Aug 5 $170.00