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CVEC-0001-CVS1 CV Apr 30 $5.00


Strong Landscape Paintings

This series is designed for novice to intermediate painters wanting to understand or strengthen the fundamentals required to produce strong landscape paintings. Fundamentals such as shape, value, colour, design, perspective, edges, and more will be covered, as will supplies, equipment and working with paint. The course is most suitable to those working with acrylics, oils or gouache.


Writers' Workshop

This is an interactive class in which writers and would-be writers may share their work and have it gently appreciated and critiqued by others. No formal instruction.


Taste of GAB (Guided Autobiography)

Guided Autobiography (GAB) is designed to help people recall, write about, and share meaningful memories with others in a small group. The focus is content; writing experience is not needed. We'll learn, reflect, write, and share. We'll laugh, and we'll think a lot.


Where Is This Business Going?

Predicting the future has become harder, and hence planning a path for a business has become more complex. This interactive lecture will enable you to see how a business can define itself, an essential stage for plotting its future strategic direction.


Stocks: the Nuts And Bolts

This course will help to demystify stocks and their associated jargon. Learn about common and preferred stocks, dividends, investment strategies, and different ways to own stocks. The class will include an update on the markets.


Investing Rules of the Road

This course provides participants with 10 principles for sound investing and also discusses how to identify and avoid the most common investment mistakes. The class will begin with a current overview of market performance covering the day and week of the course.


Retirement Outlook for Women

This course shares perspectives on financial concerns facing women who are getting ready for, or have transitioned to retirement. Part one shares retirement income strategies; part two discusses four separate themes to help people live well in retirement.


Making Your Money Last

Ten principles for living well in retirement. This course shares perspectives to help participants keep on track during retirement, and help make sure their money lasts. Subjects include planning, spending, inflation, maintaining a healthy portfolio, taxes and legacy considerations.


Looking Forward, Giving Back

You don't have to choose between supporting your family and the community you love. Learn how to leave a legacy that benefits both. We will cover tax laws and estate planning. A lawyer and an accountant will be available to answer questions on using tax savings to benefit future generations.


Estate And Financial Planning

Learn legal and financial aspects of estate planning including the benefits of having an enduring power of attorney, a representation agreement, and a will. Discuss how joint ownership, beneficial designation and trusts can minimize the need for probate, and the importance of investment planning.


Socially Responsible Investing

This course will present ideas and strategies used in the marketplace today to evaluate investments against environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks. This interactive presentation will be made in partnership with an expert in this field.


Digital Safety for Seniors

The TELUS Wise Seniors program engages Canadian seniors in a discussion about getting the most out of participating in our growing digital society, safely. Topics include internet, smartphone, and social media safety tips as well as protecting yourself from identity theft.


Foundations of Contentment

Within us lies a boundless source of inner peace and contentment. This course is aimed at people who feel a longing to experience this source. The course is largely experiential. Simple meditative and heartfulness practices are used to turn within to the deeper reaches of our being. We'll examine seven foundational elements of contentment: clarity; inner peace; self-awareness; gratitude; choice; living consciously and well-being support. You can also expect interaction with other students.


Beautiful & Bizarre Ceremonies

Through images and videos we'll view the rites of passage, marriages, a massive tomato fight, ritual body piercings, controversial baby jumping, and mythological creatures. Bizarre includes Monty Python and Carol Burnett.


How to Organize "Stuff"

Participants will explore their relationship with "stuff" and ways to sort it out and possibly let go of some of it. As well as downsizing, they will learn what to do with old love letters, collections, photos, and unwanted gifts.


Medical Uses of Cannabis

The instructors will guide us through accepted medical uses for cannabis, such as for chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, PTSD, and the side effects of chemotherapy. Learn more about this developing field of treatment, and be a wise consumer.


Universal Devotional Chanting

The educational and devotional benefit of this course is the realization, through actual experience, that all traditions are based in the same spirit. Like yoga, devotional chanting unites us with the essential energy of the universe. That may be called God, Tao, Voice, Great Creator, or re-creative energy found in nature. All are encouraged to participate and all levels of singing ability are welcomed.


Exercise for Older Adults

In this time of COVID-19, exercise is recognized as vitally important in regards to strengthening the immune system and maintaining a healthy body weight. Older adults face particular challenges in starting and maintaining an exercise program. This course will give participants a good base knowledge of exercise physiology, prevention and treatment of orthopedic injuries, and will discuss why and how to get fit. Home-based fitness programs will be discussed.


Exercise And Diet for Arthritis

Learn more about how to take an active role in managing your arthritis. We will review the types of arthritis, benefits of staying active, and the role of nutrition. Includes an overview of assistive devices.


Medical Overdiagnosis

In today's medicine, there is a lot of diagnosis and even more treatment, often of dubious value. This course examines the phenomenon critically by increasing understanding of what doctors do and why they need to do it, the influence of statistics, the role played by academic institutions, and the Jekyll-and-Hyde personality of the pharmaceutical industry.


Cognitive Impairment & Dementia

UBC Professor of Geriatrics Dr. Roger Wong will discuss the effects of aging on brain health, and introduce the health conditions of cognitive impairment and dementia (such as Alzheimer's disease), including their prevention and management strategies.


Your Microbiome - Both Good & Bad

In recent years there has been a scientific revolution in our understanding of the human microbiome-the trillions of bacteria, archaea, yeasts, and other microbes that live in/on us and are now known to be essential for normal development and function of our brain, immune system, and metabolism. Learn how medical science is taking the first small steps toward powerful new approaches to obesity, diabetes, asthma, allergies and-perhaps- Alzheimer's.


Stress Management

Stress management is not something we learn in school, yet it is very costly to society. It negatively affects health, relationships and business. It makes us vulnerable to bad habits and addictions. This course introduces ways to effectively deal with stress.


Making Your Dreams Come True

Bring new clarity to what you really want out of life. Identify your longings and discontents and uncover the fears that are holding you back. Design a vision or goal and use the tools the instructor provides. Classes are interactive and geared toward different learning styles with lots of fun and insights into how the universal laws work.


Biofilia: Our Connection to Nature

Is Nature intelligent? How closely related are we to other living species? Molecular biology is allowing us a peek at molecules at work in living cells, revealing that all cells function with the same protein molecules and genetic code, and the same molecules that energize all organisms. Come and learn the importance of bacteria, plants, animals and humans, in the natural systems and cycles of the Biosphere. A non-technical course.


Visiting More Uncommon Corners

Following upon a previous course, we will visit 5 (not quite so uncommon) new countries: Nigeria, Indonesia, the Philippines, Sarawak (Malaysian Borneo) and Papua New Guinea. We'll touch upon some earlier first-hand experiences living, working, and travelling in these countries. And we'll bring things up to date by layering on top lots of history, culture, politics, and current events. Discussion encouraged. Instructor: Gregg Strong


Travelling and Technology

Leveraging the various travel-related internet sites available, and using your personal devices while you travel (smartphones, tablets, laptops), have put a different spin on planning, globe-trotting, and wrapping things up on your return. This lecture will present various travel and technology options and implications of their usage. Each class runs 2 hours with an optional Q & A afterwards.


Public Art around the World

This course offers an eye-opening look at public art in its many forms. We'll move from cave drawings to graffiti, local and world art on massive scales, sculptures and the splendors of Las Vegas and Dubai.


Electric Cars And Solar Panels

This two-part course will help break the myths of solar energy, electric cars, and autonomous driving, providing the latest advancements. Learn how EV cars can fit into your lifestyle and details of information on installing solar panels at home.


Invigorate Your Book Club

Want to liven up your book club meetings? Learn how to apply the language of literary analysis to the work you read, and sound informed as you comment on what you liked or disliked about the book selection.


How to Argue About Ethics

This entertaining, interactive lecture will describe a simple framework for the analysis of ethical problems--practical ethics without the sermon!


History of the Comox Valley

An overview of the history of the Comox Valley during the 19th and 20th centuries, including early settlement, agriculture, forestry, military and social history. We will also highlight the valley's many colourful characters. Questions and discussion will be welcome.


Founders of Religions

This course attempts to grasp the "DNA" of Eastern religions through the lives and circumstances of their founders. Consideration is given to sects, cults, and philosophies versus religion of non-Abrahamic or Eastern religions. Given the founding circumstances, it is helpful to understand reasons why a particular religion exists and what an adherent might experience.


What Am I Doing Here?

All religions nurture their adherents as they involve them in the belief system. However, in a multicultural society, all faiths are but one among the many. This course considers some basic characteristics of eight major world religions and aspects of their spiritual practices. This inquiry considers how these might influence us as we ask, "What am I doing here?" Recommended books: "Spirituality..." by Philip Sheldrake & Prothero's "God is not One" (


Forage Fish on Our Beaches

Forage fish play a vital role in the aquatic ecosystem as a primary food source for salmon and orcas. Little is known about forage fish species (Pacific sand lance and surf smelt). Join Project Watershed and partner groups to learn about important forage fish studies in our region.


Comox Valley Paleontology

Gain a basic understanding of our prehistoric environment and some of the marine creatures that inhabited the area 85 million years ago. Learn about the geologic history of Vancouver Island, including plate tectonics and other geologic processes.


Modern Chinese Legal System

The course covers the Republican Era (1911 to 1949), Soviet Era (1949 to 1958), Mao Era (1958 to 1976) and Westernization (1979 to present). Our focus is on the current human rights situation, the function of Chinese "courts" under the Chinese Communist Party, and involuntary organ harvesting. We will also examine the impact of China's legal system on Canadian domestic and foreign policy, with particular emphasis on Canada's refugee practices.


Introduction to Meditation

Meditation is a mindful practice. It is calming, relaxing, grounding, and helps one to focus. Regular meditation is an exercise for the brain. It increases brain activities in the happy, calm zone of the brain. Meditation is simple and for everyone.


Strata Basics -Know the Good, Bad & Ugly

Downsizing to a strata property has positives and negatives. Thinking of buying, or already a strata owner? This course will guide you through the things you need to know, the questions you need to ask, and where to find answers. Topics covered: owners' rights and obligations according to strata legislation; governance; Privacy: Human rights, managing during Covid: who pays for what; insurance; how to ensure you are being treated fairly; and the Civil Resolution Tribunal.


Craft Beer: Styles & Pairings

With so many good beers available, how do you decide which one to try? This course explores basic styles of beer and what they taste like, how to properly taste beer, off flavours, proper storage, presentation, glassware, food pairings, recipes using beer, how and where to buy beer, and much more. You will have the option each week of shopping for a particular beer for a simultaneous in-class tasting.


Ready, Set, Garden!

Spring is around the corner. Soil needs amending; compost needs tending. New beds to be started. Plants need dividing; fruit trees and shrubs need pruning. Vegetable garden needs attention; a plan developed for year-round production. Pest and diseases to watch for and controlled. Get set, we're gardening!


Sharing a Garden to Grow Food

Do you want to garden to grow your own food, but don't have the space, tools, time, or expertise? We share land, labour, knowledge, and a bountiful harvest. Learn about the Community Food Growers Co-op and how it works.


Armchair Tours of London

This unique eight-part online series will explore the fascinating history of London, England. Hosted by a blue-badge guide, Annamaria Dall'Anese, this virtual tour will reveal London's rich history - including its architectural marvels, key museums and art galleries, vibrant neighbourhoods and modern street art, as well as its many secrets that lie beneath its skyscrapers.


London: 2000 Years in Buildings

This virtual tour will present seven buildings in a chronological sequence stretching from the birth of London to the 21st century. We will situate these landmarks in their respective historical context and answer questions such as: why is London where it is? How long would it take to read all of the books at the British Library? Is the Shard cutting-edge or obsolete? We will also see how each of these timeless landmarks exemplifies one of the multiple facets of London that make it so attractive today. Royalty, education, religion, finance. Regardless of what you like, you will find it in London.


London's Museums & Galleries

In this virtual tour we will go on a journey across different continents and millennia following the theme of change. Drawing from the finest collections in the British capital, we will look at an eclectic selection of masterpieces, and highlight how each of them, in its peculiarity, relates to the topic of transformation, whether this means the transition from death to life, a change in artistic taste, the extinction of a species or technological progress.


Roman London

In our Roman London virtual tour we will delve into the 2,000-year-old history that lies beneath the skyscrapers of the City of London and learn more about the amphitheatre, the excavations at Number 1 Poultry, the fort and wall, and the Mithraeum. We will hear the story of the discovery of these sites, understand their importance for the people of Londinium, and gain some contextual knowledge of the Roman presence in Britain.


Shakespeare's London

In our virtual tour of Shakespeare's London we will discover the places where the Bard lived and worked, including the Blackfriars Playhouse and the Globe Theatre. We will also get a taste of what going to the theatre and living in the British capital was like in his time.


British Spirit in Paintings

Royalty and scientific innovation, but also an unconditional love for nature and a passion for animals have always characterised the British spirit. We will explore these themes, as well as satire and respectability, through a selection of masterpieces from the London art galleries.


World Civilizations' Treasures

Or shall we say, 'world civilization'? Although we tend to speak of 'the Egyptians,' 'the Romans,' etc., connections between different peoples have shaped human history since its inception. In this virtual tour of highlights of the British Museum we will discover the magic encounters that happen when religions spread, ideas are exchanged, and goods shipped across borders.


Intellectual Bloomsbury

All London neighbourhoods have their own charm, but Bloomsbury is special because of its intellectual connections. Numerous blue plaques mark the beautiful Georgian houses where writers such as Virginia Woolf lived, and the calm garden squares give today's academics the tranquillity to focus their minds on their latest discoveries or ideas. In fact, Bloomsbury is home to many prestigious medical institutions, London's oldest university, University College London, as well as the oldest public museum in the world, the British Museum.


London's St Art

In our virtual tour on street art we will gain a better understanding of this phenomenon through works, big and small, made by international street artists in Brick Lane and the surrounding areas. We will appreciate the impressive diversity of styles and techniques of this art form, as well as the powerful messages that emanate from it. We will also learn how street art developed in this multi-ethnic part of town, and speculate on where it is heading.