Emergency Funding and Government Aid

There's money to support you

NIC may be able to provide a one-time bursary to help with unexpected emergencies that could prevent students from completing their studies. This funding can support books, technology, transportation/fuel, childcare, school supplies groceries or other essentials.

Needs-based, emergency funding is assessed on a case-by-case basis by NIC’s Financial Aid team. If you are struggling, please contact a financial aid advisor.

Government Aid


StudentAid BC helps eligible BC students access loans, grants, scholarships and other programs to pay for their post-secondary education. StudentAid BC loans are available for full-time and part-time students.

Read our guide for applying to StudentAid BC.

Upgrading Funding

Your personal situation might entitle you to access other forms of funding, including Upgrading or funding for students with disabilities.

Former Youth in Care

Funding is also available for former youth in care.

Out-of-Province Aid

If you have not yet lived in BC for the past 12 months, you likely need to apply for out-of-province student aid. If you are receiving out-of-province funding and require information from NIC to complete the process, or have questions about the process, contact an advisor. You can also visit your home province/territory financial aid page for more information.