Global Engagement

The Office of Global Engagement (OGE) supports the college in meeting its internationalization goals. This includes supporting learning outside of the Canadian cultural context and developing skills for success in an interconnected world.

Our global engagement goals include:

  • - Building capacity in the college and communities, to meet the needs of international students
  • - Developing and supporting internationalization at home and education abroad opportunities
  • - Developing and implementing contract training, projects and applied research


Building student success through community, provincial and national partnerships.


Benefits of Engaging Globally?

Individuals wanting to get more involved with the activities of the Global Engagement office can expect to:

  • Prepare for work in an increasingly internationalized workplace: Intercultural effectiveness provides a broader perspective and a bridge to shared understanding.
  • Become a community ambassador: As a citizen of the world, your experiences add to the diplomacy of knowledge that exists within both your local community and the international community.
  • Add value to your education and employment: Being globally engaged adds depth and perspective to your education and work, giving you a greater understanding and appreciation for cultural differences.
  • Build intercultural insight: As you create global connections, gain a deeper understanding of your own goals and educational opportunities as you explore different cultural perspectives.

As a student, or as a faculty or staff member, living and working interculturally is a part of the NIC reality. By exploring these pages, you will find ways you can become more engaged with projects, build relationships, and deepen your understanding of who we are at OGE and what we do.

Building Capacity

Each year, the college welcomes an increasing number of international students, and OGE works with college departments and the greater community to continually improve upon the supports we are able to offer.

  • Events & Activities: OGE is always looking for motivated students to assist in developing and carrying out events and activities to bring students together and build community.
  • Student Mentoring: OGE is looking to recruit and train students interested in providing mentoring support to new international students arriving to the Comox Valley.
  • Employment: OGE works with Student Employment Services to ensure there are adequate employment and internship opportunities for international students at NIC.

Education Abroad

In an increasingly connected world, it is imperative that all members of the college community – students, staff, and faculty – gain a significant degree of international and intercultural competence. To that effect, in addition to study abroad initiatives, OGE funds the Uniterra Leave for Change program. Through this program staff and faculty can apply to spend 3 to 4 weeks contributing their skills and abilities to institutions or organizations in developing countries. Interested staff and faculty should call the Office of Global Engagement at 1-250-334-5021 or email

Internationalization at Home

Not everyone is able to leave Canada, BC, or even the Comox Valley. Internationalization at Home initiatives allow us to involve all stakeholders at the college in developing a global mindset. OGE works with college departments and community partners on events and opportunities such as:

  • Regular student activities and events
  • International Education Week
  • Living Library
  • Diversity awareness training for NIC staff

Contract Training, Projects and Applied Research

OGE regularly partners with other college departments to design and deliver contract training programs for interested clients.

Students and community groups are encouraged to partner with a faculty member(s) to apply for funding to support their internationally/interculturally-focused project.

OGE also works with Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) and other institutional partners to develop and deliver Education For Employment and other projects.

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