New NIC resource helps students learn anywhere

NIC has launched a new one-stop resource to help students prepare for the digital learning and blended delivery options coming this Fall.

NIC’s programs and courses for the 2020/21 academic year will be offered either fully digitally, or through a blend of digital and on-campus learning depending on the requirements of the programs.

“We know that digital learning is new for a lot of our students, and there’s also a lot of information out there, which can be overwhelming” said Kathleen Kuhnert, associate vice president, student services. “This site brings together all those resources into one place so students don’t have to search for the information they’re looking for.”

The resource page includes information on NIC’s learning technology platforms, tips for being a successful digital learner, student rights and responsibilities and information on all the services and supports that are available to students.

“Even though we can’t meet you in person right now, it’s important students know that we are still here to support them with whatever they need,” said Kuhnert. “Whether you have a quick question, need support for course work, advising help in building your timetable or just need to chat with someone, all our NIC service and support staff are still available to you.”

The transition to digital delivery for the coming year is also broadening out NIC’s offerings in ways that were not previously available. With many programs moving fully to digital, students can access them from across the region, rather than having to travel to campus.

“NIC has always been a leader in digital learning and distance education,” noted Kuhnert. “While this transition has been challenging, it’s also pushed us to think outside the box and be more innovative and more flexible. It’s shown us how adaptable we are and where we can go.”

NIC is also launching a virtual orientation next week, with multiple resources for students to help them prepare for the first day of class and familiarize themselves with the services and supports that are available at NIC, including the Learn Anywhere resources.

NIC’s Learn Anywhere resource can be found at:

Registration is still open for Fall and Winter courses. View all NIC’s 2020/21 offerings at

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