Cabinetmaker (Joiner) Apprenticeship

Develop your skills as an apprentice Cabinetmaker/Joiner following the criteria set out by the Industry Training Authority (ITA). You’ll build valuable professional woodworking skills on the pathway toward Red Seal journeyperson certification.

 This program is currently not available to international applicants.
Where: Port Alberni
Starts: TBD
Length: 6 weeks

The apprenticeship training focuses on using larger stationary machines to construct sashes, doors and frames while fabricating and assembling specialty items. This career path will take you to the next level as a professional Cabinetmaker (Joiner) in furniture manufacturing, cabinetmaking, marine joinery and self-employment.

Stephen McIntosh, Cabinetmaker (Joiner) instructor

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Joinery Apprenticeship Training Classes

Dates and classes may change or be cancelled depending on demand.

Note: Apprentices enrolling in technical training must take their training in sequential order, levels 1, then 2, then 3 then 4. You must complete all levels of technical training to be eligible to write the Interprovincial (Red Seal) examination.

JNA-200Cabinetmaker (Joiner) Apprenticeship Level 2


Admission Requirements

  1. Applicants must be ITA registered apprentices. 
  2. Complete and submit the NIC Application for Admission form, writing "Joinery" and level of training as the program name. 
  3. Complete and submit the NIC Apprenticeship Training Registration form.

To Be Successful

  • You will find greater ease and success in your training if your abilities in mathematics, reading and writing are at a sufficient level. NIC Assessment Services is available to provide math and English assessments year round. For students who do need to refresh their skills or upgrade in a few areas, those classes are available at NIC.
  • Students are encouraged to develop a workplace plan with their employer to make sure they are practicing all related trade skills listed in the handbook program outline.
  • School training periods can be very intense, especially because of the quantity of reading you will be required to do. Whenever possible, you are encouraged to complete reading in advance.

Program Highlights

Advance your woodworking, joinery and cabinetmaking skills with the Industry Training Authority (ITA) approved apprenticeship curriculum.

Apprentice training builds on your foundation skills as you pursue your Red Seal certification. NIC works closely with industry to ensure your apprenticeship training is of the highest quality. 

Highlights of curriculum

  • Great facilities and small class size. NIC's Joinery Apprenticeship shop is well equipped with a wide range of high end hand tools and modern woodworking equipment. This includes a solid beach workbench for each student, spray finishing equipment and a computer aided design lab.
  • Economical education. The program is located in Port Alberni, on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, where the cost of living is less than in larger centres. Program costs are low and, because the curriculum is accepted by many funding agencies, retraining subsidies may be available through those agencies.
  • Modern facilities. Student develop skills with tools, equipment and modern machinery so they are prepared to work in small shops as well as industrial facilities. Student will design projects by hand as well as using advanced computer drawing programs.

Supply List

Stationary: available at the NIC bookstore

  • Three ring binder with punched, lined and unlined paper; pencil and pen
  • Sharp TI-30Xa (recommended)
  • Graduated metric 900 mm T-Square all metal construction

Drafting Equipment: available at the NIC bookstore in a set

  • Set square – 30/60/90 degree, Staedtler 964 16-60
  • Set square – 45/45/90 degree, Staedtler 964 14-45
  • Scale ruler, Metric, Staedtler 987 18-SI
  • Drawing compass, 559-02
  • Good quality white eraser


  • Eraser shield, Staedtler 529 50
  • Ames Lettering Guide, Staedtler 974 98
  • Mechanical pencils in: .3mm lead in 6H lead; .5mm in 2H & 4H lead; .9mm in 2H lead
  • Safety Equipment:
  • WCB approved safety glasses
  • WCB approved hearing protection
  • Closed toe leather boots
  • Tools: all tools are supplied except a tape measure
  • tape measure, metric, 5 meter, good quality

Tuition & Costs Estimate

Additional fees may also include necessary equipment, supplies, NIC appointed uniforms, or field trips not included in these estimates.

While we do our best to share accurate and timely fee information, changes may occur. For more information, visit our tuition page.

Domestic Fees

Level 2
Tuition $585
NISU Fees $35
Books $450
Learner Resource $40
Total $1,110

Book costs listed are an estimate for planning purposes.  Accurate book costs are available by course through the NIC book search.