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Language is a means to communicate not just words, but values, beliefs and customs. Studying another language opens you to other cultures while allowing you to gain a more profound understanding of your own culture and language.

NIC language courses can be taken through the Associate of Arts and University Studies programs, or as electives.


Spoken on five continents, French is the second most-studied language in the world and the language of diplomacy in international organizations such as NATO, the UN, UNESCO, the IOC and the Red Cross. Whether you want to become a teacher, a translator or work for the federal government, French is for you.

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Spanish is one of the two most spoken languages in the world, with 577 million speakers in 21 countries around the world. Whether you want to use it to travel or just enjoy various aspects of Latin culture, being able to speak Spanish can tremendously enhance your resume. Latin American countries are among our most significant trading partners and being bilingual can give you a definite competitive advantage in the workplace, particularly in the in the world of business.

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Where: College Wide
Starts: September, January, May, July
Length: 4 months/course
Delivery: Off-campus & Blended options; Digital Scheduled & Unscheduled Classes

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