Math and Science

Gain strong problem solving, technological and numeracy skills sought after by employers in NIC’s university transferrable STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) courses.

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Whether you see yourself working on high-level design, in a lab conducting experiments or solving problems on the workshop floor, you will leave NIC’s STEM courses with a broad skill set and be ready to succeed.

The NIC Advantage

  • Seamless transferability
  • Customized, flexible education plans
  • Dual and Guaranteed admission options to UVic and VIU
  • Average class size is 18 students
  • International field school opportunities, such as Greece and Croatia
  • Applied research opportunities

Faculty Profiles

Jennifer Fallis Starhunter
Mathematics, Science

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Transfer Agreements

Start at NIC, complete your degree at any of the institutions below plus many more across Canada.


Dual Credit

Earn university transfer credit while still in high school.

University Studies News

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My instructor Jason Diemer inspired me to study engineering. I transferred directly from NIC into second year of UVic’s biomedical engineering degree.

Milena Restan
NIC/UVic Engineering Dual Admission student