Social Sciences

Learn how to ask big questions and deepen your understanding of the world in which we live.

Social Sciences Programs

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  • Learn to collect data to better understand society and human behaviour
  • Learn to assess and adapt to change, analyze trends and solve complex problems
  • Develop skills sought after by employers including research skills and critical thinking

The NIC Advantage

  • Seamless transferability
  • Customized, flexible education plans
  • Dual and Guaranteed admission options to UVic and VIU
  • Average class size is 18 students
  • International field school opportunities, such as Greece and Croatia
  • Applied research opportunities
  • Learn from expert faculty including anthropologists and criminologists.

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Jen Wrye
Social Sciences

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NIC has been the best experience that I've had in my schooling. My instructors were amazing. They opened my eyes to new ways of thinking and how to approach the world.

Megan Borland
NIC Criminology student