Applied Long Term Care Practitioner Micro-credential

This groundbreaking new fully online micro-credential is designed to enhance the professional skills of heathcare workers in the Long Term Care sector. Students will explore 6 key challenges confronting workers in this sector, including mental health and neurodiversity of residents, memory care, grief and loss, depression, new and emerging activities, and the foundations of creating a well workplace. Courses can be taken individually towards the Practitioner micro-credential.

Registration for our next course in the program, LTC-014: Depression in Community, will open in June 2024, with the course beginning in the Fall. Please click on the "Request Information" button to sign up for our waitlist.

Members of the HEU, as defined by their criteria, may be eligible for funding towards the cost of the program tuition, through the FBA Education Fund. To learn more, please visit the HEU website.

Where: Online
Starts: Varies
Length: Varies by course

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Program Courses

  • LTC-010 Mental Health and Neurodiversity
  • LTC-011 Advanced Memory Care
  • LTC-012 Well Workplace
  • LTC-013 Grief and Loss
  • LTC-014 Depression in Community
  • LTC-015 Expanding your Activity Toolbox

Admission Details

Who should take this program?
Anyone working in the public or private healthcare sector working with or interested in supporting seniors. This could include areas such as Independent Living, Assisted Living, Long Term Care, or Older Adult Day programs.

Do I need a specific pre-requisite or credential to take this program?
No. This is an open program; however, only those interested in caregiving and support of seniors would find the content relevant.

Is there funding available to take this program?
To find out if you may be eligible for funding, please contact us.

To learn more, email or call 250-334-5000 ext 4601.

Program Highlights

LTC-010 Mental Health and Neurodiversity

This in-depth online course is designed for health care workers providing frontline care to residents experiencing Mental Health challenges, and those who live with Neurodiversity. Each section explores definitions, behavioral and emotional responses within those definitions, and potential communication strategies and activities to support residents and families. 

LTC-011 Advanced Memory Care

This in-depth online course is designed for healthcare workers providing frontline care to residents with dementia. Students will learn about how the brain functions, and how to identify at least 8 types of dementia.  Better understanding of these diverse diagnoses will assist staff in applying strategies for success in a needs-based, person-centered care model.  Other key topics include improving the exchanges between families, colleagues, and residents, aimed at improving safety for all. Weekly assignments will inspire learners to consider new tools, perspectives, and understanding in support of residents using customized visual learning tools, engaging group discussions, and self-reflection assignments.

LTC-012 Well Workplace

This in-depth online course is designed for health care workers interested in the pursuit of healthy, motivated, and quality work environments.  Students will have opportunities to compare Ideal Well Workplace Theory to present day circumstances in their own work settings.  Topics will include Courageous Conversations for Conflict Resolution, Informal and Formal Methods of Assertion and Advocacy, the Feedback Loop, Self-Care in the Workplace, and Managerial Commitments to the Well Workplace.

LTC-013 Grief and Loss

This course will explore how we understand the terms Grief and Loss and how we can better support our work with residents, clients, families, friends, and community.  Participants will examine how to build meaningful connections, understanding the stages of grief, how steps to normalizing loss, and how to better engage cultural differences and practices in the workplace.

LTC-014 Depression in Community

This in-depth course is designed primarily for health care workers providing frontline care to residents who may be experiencing Depression.  Students will learn about the different types, risk factors, signs and symptoms, generational and cultural differences in, and potential causes of Depression.  By recognizing the unique emotional and behavioral responses and impact on the resident, as well as family and friends, one can create supportive activity exercises and routines, plan environmental alterations, and develop specific communication strategies in aid of improved quality of life.

LTC-015 Expanding Your Activity Toolbox

This in-depth online course is designed for Activity Coordinators, Activity Assistants and other healthcare workers responsible for developing and implementing activities for residents in various care facilities. Students will learn from the course materials, participation in course activities, and from sharing with fellow students person-centred approaches that span the spectrum of wellness.  Customized visual learning tools, engaging group discussions, practical hands-on and self-reflection assignments will further enhance your activity toolbox.