Motion Picture Set Dresser Micro-Credential

This tuition-free program will prepare you to plan, coordinate and assemble stunning set décors that will be immortalized on film. Working under the direction of the lead set decorator, set dressers play a vital role in supporting each set and scene. Students will gain mentorship opportunities as well as sector-specific skills to work in BC's growing film and television industry. This program is for anyone who appreciates teamwork and who can combine creative, design and problem-solving skills with the ability to work under tight time constraints.

This tuition-free program blends 11 weeks of online learning with one week of in-person training at a professional film studio.

 This program is currently not available to international applicants.


Where: Online
Length: 12 weeks
Delivery: Blended (Online, with one week of training)

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This program provides students with industry-ready, hands-on skills and knowledge to be successful as craft brewers and malting experts.

Bob Haugen, NIC Continuing Education manager, contract and training services

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