Hire NIC Students

NIC’s Student Employment Services supports and guides students through what, for many, is the most rewarding goal of their education: getting a great job. Whether you’re interested in hiring a graduate, a co-op student or providing internship opportunities, the SES team can help connect you with faculty and students to meet your hiring needs.

CareerCentral: post a job

Our online job board is where we direct all students and alumni when they are seeking employment. CareerCentral allows you to post your employment opportunities and events, as well as target your postings to skilled students seeking co-op and internships.

It’s rewarding to help connect students and employers. Employers are thrilled to hire hard-working students who are highly-motivated and enthusiastic. I am constantly getting positive feedback about NIC students in the workplace. The students get invaluable work experience, networking opportunities and mentoring that can help guide them on their personal career path. It’s hugely beneficial to both sides.
Anita Budisa-Bonneau
work integrated education

Co-operative education

Co-op positions give employers a chance to recruit new employees that are flexible, highly knowledgeable and skilled in the areas of business administration, hospitality management and adventure tourism. Student employment services is here to help create and promote co-op opportunities. Contact the team at studentemployment@nic.bc.ca and see our Work-Integrated Learning: Co-operative Education & Internships – Employer's Reference Guide

Benefits to employers

  • Reduced recruitment and hiring costs
  • Employers enjoy access to a pool of screened, motivated, temporary employees for special projects, peak periods, vacation relief, or maternity leave coverage without costly advertising and dozens of unsuitable resumes to wade through.
  • Employers can select from a group of applicants who have already met high entrance requirements and have completed some post-secondary training as well as some preparation for operating effectively in the workplace.
  • Employers can evaluate potential career employees without obligation or commitment to permanent employment.

Effective human resource management

  • Co-op is a proven cost-effective method of meeting both immediate and long-range human resource needs.
  • Employers have the ability to increase effective utilization of permanent employees and an opportunity for employee development in the area of (Co-op student) supervision.
  • Co-op employment aids in the vetting of students for future hiring of motivated and skilled employees.

Contact the SES team at studentemployment@nic.bc.ca or call 250-923-9739 (Campbell River), 250-334-5076 (Comox Valley)