Early Assist

At NIC we know that the earlier you get connected with appropriate supports, the better chance you have to sustain and improve your academic success and overall well-being. Early Assist is an online system that enables faculty and staff to refer a student who they think could potentially benefit from support services at NIC.

Frequently Asked Questions

When would staff or faculty use Early Assist?

Faculty and staff are encouraged to reach out and offer support when they are concerned about your academic performance and/or wellbeing. This might include times when there is a change in the quality of your work, if you stop attending classes regularly, or if you are showing signs of being in distress. With Early Assist, the support is enhanced, and you will receive information about the whole range of supports that we have available here at NIC.

How does Early Assist work?

  1. The first step is for staff and faculty to reach out to find out more about your situation. From here, they may choose to provide you with information about NIC support services, or they might complete an online Early Assist referral to connect you directly with support services.
  2. The Early Assist Team* will contact you by email and/or telephone and provide you with an overview of supports available and the opportunity to meet with us in person.
  3. You do not have to accept the support offered.
  4. Due to confidentiality, staff/faculty who made the referral will only be informed if contact has been made (or not) with the student. No other details will be released.

* The Early Assist Team consist of counsellors, Manager Student Life, Student Life Outreach & Liaison, and Director Student Affairs.

Does Early Assist affect my academic records, or decisions related to funding or academic progress?

No. Early Assist referrals will not appear on your academic or financial records.

How does Early Assist affect my privacy?

Early Assist protects privacy by providing a secure way for academic or other concerns to be identified and responded to. Access to information collected through Early Assist is restricted to those coordinating information and providing outreach.

What if I don’t want to be part of Early Assist?

With the exception of situations where someone’s safety is at risk, you can choose whether you would like to accept the support being offered or not.

If there an emergency or it is outside regular office hours, call 911 or the Vancouver Island Crisis Line 1-888-494-3888.


For more information, contact Felicity Blaiklock, Director, Student Affairs felicity.blaiklock@nic.bc.ca.