Comox Valley ElderCollege (CVEC) welcomes new volunteers!

Thank you for your interest. CVEC is a volunteer-driven organization so our valued volunteers are essential to CVEC operations.

To help us see how your interests and abilities can be matched with CVEC needs, we invite you to provide the following information about yourself and your background.

Please be assured that we respect the confidentiality of your information. It will only be shared as necessary with CVEC Committee Chairs or Co-chairs, OR others in leadership roles to determine suitable referrals. Your completion and return of this form tells us that you agree to this sharing of information.

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We invite you to review the information below regarding our committee structure and supporting roles to see what might interest you:


  • CVEC Executive – provides overall leadership for CVEC
  • Communications – produces all CVEC publications, web page content, advertisements and communications with the public and general membership
  • Curriculum – oversees the planning of all course offerings and the Lecture Series for fall and winter semesters
  • Finance and Administration – maintains administrative policy manual and oversees all financial matters in liaison with NIC
  • Member Support - looks after interests of members including registration; communications content; members’ ‘help desk’ and hosting services at lectures and other events.
  • Volunteer Support – recruits and orients new volunteers; plans recognition events and practices for all volunteers.

Other Roles

  • Course Leader - often teach their passion, not their past career
  • Lecture Series Coordinator – you have an idea for a lecture series and have some ideas about potential presenters
  • Lecture Series Assistant – you would like to assist a Lecture Series Coordinator
  • Computer Assistant - you are adept at some aspect of computer use but do not wish to lead a course
  • A/V Technician - you are able to assist someone by operating the a/v equipment in the Komoux lecture hall or a classroom.

Having reviewed the above, which are your area(s) of interest? Please list in order of preference below *: