International Peer Connector Program

What is the International Peer Connector (IPC) Program?

The IPC program is a paid student hire position based out of the Office of Global Engagement.  The IPC program is dedicated to connect returning international students with new international students at NIC.

IPC’s will support the OGE with planning, organizing and participating in event that provide international students with a sense of belonging and connection such as the new international student orientation hosted at the start of Fall, Winter and Spring intakes.

IPC’s will also support new international students to help them find answers to questions about settling in the region, about accommodation, transportation, food, shopping areas, as well as questions about getting ready for the academic journey at NIC, campuses, services available and access to these services and supports, access to online classes, booking services, etc.

How can International Peer Connectors help?

They will be there to:

  • Be a friendly face to answer your questions and someone to talk to when you need
  • Assist you to find services and supports at the college
  • Provide support and practical advice in a timely fashion
  • Connect you to a social support system that is reflective and inclusive of your age, culture and purpose of being a student NIC
  • Facilitate a sense of social belonging to NIC community
  • Assist you to gain confidence and self-awareness by sharing experiences of being a student at NIC

How does the International Peer Connector program work?

Meet virtually with your buddies, mix, exchange ideas, socialize with other new students and get support and information about life and academic aspects of your study area from experienced students in a fun, friendly and informal session.

IPC’s are returning students at NIC (they have studied at least one semester at NIC). IPC’s will be paired with new international students, in bubbles, to act as guides in their transition to post-secondary life.

Each “bubble” will consist of one IPC guiding up to 20 new students.

The Peer Connector connects once a week with each member of the “bubble” and, once a months, engage the “bubble” in a group activity.

How do I become an International Peer Connector?

Are you a returning international student at NIC interested to support new students in their transition to college life and adjusting to their new environment in Canada?

Contact us to become a Peer Connector:

How do I get connected with an International Peer Connector?

Are you a new student at NIC?

You can be paired with an IPC to benefit from their support as you transition and adjust to your new life in Canada. 

Contact us to connect with a Peer Connector: