New International Student Orientation

Thank you for joining our online orientation for new international students at North Island College. We have much we want to show you and tell you that will help you get connected with the right resources to support you as you begin your studies at NIC.

The online orientation is designed for you to participate at your own pace, in the comfort of your home. Each subject area will have a short description and then a short video to help you discover all the resources and people that are here at NIC to support you. Some sessions are mandatory so please be sure to go through each session. The orientation has been designed to follow a sequential order and will make the most sense if you work through the videos and sessions in the order provided.

If you need any assistance, please email us at

Oh Canada!

You’ve made a big commitment to join us here in this beautiful land. Let’s take a moment to learn a little more about this great country from coast to coast to coast! (That’s right, Canada is bordered by 3 oceans!)


We cannot begin without properly welcoming you! Whether you have arrived in Canada or you are beginning your studies from your home country, we want to give you a true Canadian welcome from some very important people!

Did you know that many of us are visitors in this great land of Canada? The original First Peoples or Indigenous Peoples of Canada are the First Nations, Inuit and Metis. They inhabited this land long before European settlers and long before colonization. To begin our welcome today, it is with great humility we state that North Island College is honoured to acknowledge the traditional territories of the combined 35 First Nations of the Nuu-chah-nulth, Kwakwaka’wakw and Coast Salish traditions, on whose traditional and unceded territories the College’s campuses are situated.  

Please join us now for this traditional welcome from NIC’s Director of Indigenous Education, Kelly Shopland.

And now for a few words from NIC’s Executive Director, Office of Global Engagement, Mark Herringer.

It’s time for you to meet the rest of the OGE team! Mark is our leader and we are a team comprised of recruitment and enrollment for international students, international student advisors, global engagement liaisons, administrative support and management. As international students, you will get to know many of us in the OGE very well. We will be some of the key NIC people supporting you through your learning and settlement journey at NIC. Come meet your team—the OGE staff!

Meet the OGE Managers! We oversee all the activity of the OGE team and ensure that you have the supports you need from the admissions process right through to your graduation.

Whether you have already arrived in Canada or not yet, studying in Canada is probably a dream come true. To help you prepare to live in Canada please watch the following session about Living in Canada.

In order to study at a post-secondary institution in British Columbia, international students must have adequate medical insurance. There are three types of medical insurance you will be provided as you study at North Island College. Please watch this video to learn about the different types of medical insurance and why they are required.

For many international students, working in Canada is a very important part of their experience. Working not only provides income to help international students cover their basic needs, it provides important skills and social experience. Employment is an important pathway for those planning to seek permanent residency after graduation. There are a few things you need to know before you seek employment. Please watch the following video for more information on working in Canada.

Academic integrity is something we take very seriously at NIC. Canadian standards on writing and workmanship are high.  There is no room for cheating or plagiarism. You may not fully understand what plagiarism means. However, it is important for you to get familiar with this term and understand the standards of academic integrity as they pertain to the Canadian classroom. The next session will help you understand more about academic integrity and plagiarism and how understanding these concepts are so important to your success as a NIC student.


Student Supports

One thing we know at NIC is that a successful student is a supported student and we want to support you.

North Island College has several student support services beyond the OGE department that are available for all students. Most of these services are paid for in your student fees and therefore, you do not need to pay extra to access most of these services. Please connect with these supports, familiarize yourself with the services they provide and reach out for help when you need it.

Welcome to NIC Student Services

Meet Kathleen Kuhnert NIC’s Associate Vice President Student Services and Registrar who will introduce an overview of the many student supports (both academic and personal) that we have on offer at NIC

Educational, Indigenous and Financial Aid Advising

Advising can be invaluable part of your time at NIC, whether you are just at the front end of making a decision about your program or preparing to graduate. Learn what services are available digitally or over the phone.

Aboriginal Scholars

This Video highlights NIC’s Aboriginal Scholars program. Being a student at North Island College is not just about academics, but also about addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Hear from Chris Scarlatti and David Dawson how the program enhanced their experience at NIC.

Academic Supports and using the Library & Learning Commons

Discover how to access the academic services and resources available at the Library & Learning Commons including research help, writing support, math support and peer tutoring.

NIC Student Technical Services

Technical Services are available for all NIC students. This session will show you how to contact us for support on all things technology-based. For more information and to book a one-on-one appointment or join a drop in session, please visit

Learning Digitally: Student Orientation to NIC Learning Technologies

Led by NIC’s Student Technical Services team, this recorded session will provide students with an overview of the learning platforms and tools you’ll need for your digital classes, along with some tips for learning digitally at NIC. If you prefer to attend this session live, please go to the ‘List of Live Sessions’ and see August 11 and 17 for more details.

Watch the video.

Accessible Learning Services at NIC

Learn about the supports and services available for students with diverse needs.

Counselling Services at NIC

As a student, challenges may arise that relate to college life or are from outside the college environment. To support you in your life and educational goals, our counsellors offer short-term counselling and coaching for personal challenges and unexpected circumstances, learning strategies and study skills, stress management, and conflict resolution.

Supporting Students in Distress and/or Crisis

Student life is not without challenges. Join Felicity Blaiklock, Director Student Affairs, Dean Martin, Manager Student Life, Carissa Wilson, NISU Organiser and Disha Salhan, Student Life Outreach and Liaison to hear about the services available for when you are facing challenges and need some extra support.

Student Employment Services

Our services are available to prospective, current, and graduated NIC students for all things employment-related. Whether you want to explore careers, need help with your resume, get nervous for interviews, or anything else, SES is here to assist you on your professional journey. Get in touch today!

Everyone has the right to enjoy a welcoming and respectful learning environment -- online or offline. At NIC, we have a number of policies and procedures which support and outline the rights and responsibilities of our NIC campus community. These are important for you to understand in your relationship to the College.

Part 1: Community Code of Academic, Personal and Professional Conduct

Part 2: Sexualized Violence Prevention and Response

Part 3: Student Complaint Resolution and Appeals

Sexualized Violence Prevention and Response

We all agree that student life should never include any type of sexualized violence or misconduct. However, we know that this isn’t always the reality. In this session, we will be giving you a brief overview of NIC’s Sexualized Violence Prevention and Response policy which includes options for disclosure and supports for survivors and those impacted by sexualized violence. We also include some short videos which define sexualized violence and explain consent.

Taking Care of Yourself

Tips to ensure you are taking care of yourself during your time at NIC.

You and Your Instructor

Tips for maintaining a positive relationship with your instructors

Healthy Relationships with Drugs and Alcohol

Tips to remain safe and healthy for those who choose to consume, as well as how to obtain assistance if you are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse.

Watch the video on Bluejeans

Check out these important steps to make sure you’re ready for the start of term.

Watch the following presentation and send an email to with your answers to the questions for a chance to win a Chromebook. For an additional chance to win a Chromebook make sure you attend one of our Welcome to NIC live events on September 8.

Clue: you will find the answers in the pre-recorded orientation sessions listed on this page.

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You've completed Orientation

Congratulations! You have completed the digital online orientation for new international students. Please watch your email for information about live sessions occurring during your first semester of study.

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