Work Force Training

Workforce Training will provide you with the first aid ticket or marine certificate you need to maintain your workplace safety credentials and advance your employment goals. If you need a certificate for your work, you can find it here.

First Aid Faculty

Ernie Payne

Ernie instructs our first aid courses with an ease and confidence that helps students relax and learn in a less stressful environment. Ernie is a certified Red Cross Instructor Trainer and instructs our Emergency Medical Responder, First Responder, Marine Advanced and OFA Level 3 courses as well as many of the entry level courses.

Marine Training Faculty

Harry Johnston

Harry’s entire career has been that of a professional mariner, having served aboard vessels in the arctic, on the east coast, the west coast, the Caribbean and beyond.

In his later years he’s led a more settled life, taking passengers across Georgia Strait between Vancouver Island and Lasqueti Island on the ferry Centurion VII out of French Creek.

For recreational boaters and fishers, Harry believes strongly in the importance of continuing to upgrade one’s skills in the face of climate and technological change and to encourage safe boating practices by users and other mariners confronted by the challenges and unpredictability of B.C.’s wild west coast.

Department News

NIC marine training goes digital

NIC is offering a unique opportunity for mariners to upgrade their skills in an online format.

Contract Training

Learn about customized cost effective training to strengthen your organization’s performance

We're pleased that we received early approval from Transport Canada to transition our entry-level marine skills courses to a digital format, which allowed NIC to offer marine safety courses that are truly accessible across our College regions and much farther afield

Lynne MacFadgen
Regional Director, Continuing Education and Training.