Tuition and Costs International Students

Spend Less for the Same Degree: Estimated Costs of Attending NIC

Save close to $10,000 per year by taking your first year at NIC and then transferring to university.

Estimated costs for one year of study at NIC compared to university (two terms = 8 months from September to April)*

North Island College Urban University
Tuition $13,500 $21,000
Books & Supplies** $1,800 $2,000
Mandatory Fees*** and Medical Insurance $1,825 $2,000
Accommodation & Food $7,525
Personal Expenses $1,800 $1,800
(varies by campus)
$600 $250
$27,050 $36,550

* Based on a course load of 10 university courses per year and subject to annual costs of living increase.
This estimated cost comparison is intended as a guide only. Actual costs vary depending on institution, program and living arrangements.

** Books & Supplies – books, supplies and lab fees are not included in tuition and vary depending on the program and courses selected. Programs such as Tourism & Hospitality, Culinary Arts, and Trades have additional expenses for equipment, field trips, etc.

*** Mandatory Fees

  • Application Processing Fee - $100.00 non-refundable
  • Learner Resource Fee - $5.30 per credit, Trades and Vocational programs vary, non-refundable
  • Student Union Fee - $4.19 per credit, Trades and Vocational programs vary, non-refundable
  • International Service Fee - $30.00 per credit or $100.00 per month for program-based tuition, non-refundable
  • Student Union Extended Healthy & Dental - $275.00 per year, non-refundable
  • Temporary Medical Insurance - $180.00 for initial 90 days, non-refundable
  • Accommodation Placement Fee - $250.00 non-refundable (if applicable)

Please refer to our programs page for estimated tuition and costs of each program. This page will help you understand the details of payment. The information on this page is effective for courses and programs with start dates after August 15, 2019 and for the 2019-2020 academic year.

How to pay

Students are responsible for keeping up to date in paying NIC tuition and fees by the deadlines posted until the completion of their program. Students who have outstanding balances due will encounter financial penalty and restricted abilities, such as registering for courses, attaining official transcripts, etc.

Payment Options

In Person:You may pay with cash, cheque, debit card or credit credit card at the Registrar's Office. Cash Transactions are limited to $1200 per day.

Credit Card: Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Login in to myNIC to make a payment.

Outside Canada: Wire funds from your bank to North Island College. Contact for wire transfer instructions.

Cheque or Money Order: The cheque must be in Canadian funds and drawn from a Canadian bank or post office payable to North Island College. Please post to:

North Island College – Office of Global Engagement
2300 Ryan Road
Courtenay, BC Canada
V9N 8N6

Fax Credit Card Form: You can pay by using the Fax Credit Card form. "For new students only."

Other Payment Methods: If you have received a scholarship or award, your student account will be automatically credited. You are responsible for ensuring your tuition and fees are paid by the deadline and recipients will not be excused from late payment.

Students using a third party sponsor will be responsible for any charges not included in the sponsorship agreement and are responsible for paying before deadline.

Payment Schedule

Full payment must be received by the deadline in Canadian dollars. If you are sending payment by wire transfer, be certain payment is received before the deadline. If full fees are not received by the deadline, a $300 penalty is automatically applied to your account. In addition, you may restricted from enrolling in future terms and access to various services, or dropped/withdrawn from courses.

New Students:

Tuition and fees for two terms of study are due no later than 30 days from the date on your Letter of Invitation. Payment of this tuition deposit formalizes the acceptance of offer. NIC can only guarantee a seat in your designated program for 30 days.

Continuing Students:

A non-refundable tuition deposit of $500 is due July 15th, before the start of the academic year. The tuition deposit must be paid 24 hours before continuing international students can register in courses. Failure to pay deposit by the deposit deadline date will result in a $300 late deposit fee penalty.

Full payment of tuition must be received no later than the first day of class, or earlier for limited entry programs. Deadlines are posted to NIC’s Academic Schedules and Deadlines page. If you are sending payment by wire transfer please ensure you send payment early enough that it is received before the deadline. If full fees are not received by the deadline, a $300 penalty will be automatically applied to your account. In addition, your account will be locked and you may be dropped/withdrawn from your courses, and/or restricted from enrolling in future terms.

Withdrawal and Refunds

International applicants who have paid their tuition deposit and accepted an offer and registered for a program at NIC are subject to the International Tuition and Fees Refund Policy. A tuition deposit (the amount indicated on your Letter of Invitation) is non-refundable. Any excess in tuition or fees paid (i.e. a credit balance) are refundable. Students must submit a request in writing for a refund to of a credit balance.

Students transferring to another Canadian institution must provide the name of the school they are transferring to. Tuition and fees are not transferrable to other institutions. An international student who has been removed from the College due to student misconduct (academic or non-academic) will not receive a refund.

Study Permit Refusal

In the event the student is denied a study permit they must send an email request for a refund to Include a copy of the letter from Canada Immigration denying the request for a study permit within 90 days of the date on the denial letter. No refund will be processed if a study permit is denied due to lack of document authenticity or is labelled as fraud. Refunds take 6 to 8 weeks to process.

Please note, non-refundable fees include (in Canadian dollars):

  • application fee $100
  • funds withheld from refund amount
    • refund processing fee $200
    • wire transfer fee $100

Program Changes

If you wish to pursue a program change please book an appointment with an international student advisor.

Program change requests must be submitted to an international student advisor in advance:

  • Fall term: between May 15 and June 15
  • Winter term: between September 15 and October 15
  • Spring term: between January 15 and February 15

Please allow up to 10 weeks for processing. A $100 CAD fee is required for more than 1 (one) program change.

Visit our programs page for detailed information on all of your education opportunities with NIC.