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Starting post-secondary is a big decision which affects the whole family. At NIC we will help you prepare for the next chapter. Whether your student’s goal is to transition into the workforce or to further their education before transferring seamlessly to university, our goal is to help them succeed.

NIC Student Recruiter-Advisors are here to support high school students’ transitions to post-secondary education. Please encourage your high school students to reach out to either Renae or Danielle by scheduling an appointment as a “Program Exploration/Apply to NIC”. If students would like to connect with our Indigenous Education Navigators, please schedule an appointment with one of our Indigenous Education Navigators as a “Future Indigenous NIC Student”.

Are you the parent or guardian of a new or returning NIC student? A family's experience may be different to that of a student - it's an experience with its own questions, concerns and anticipations. At NIC, we want parents/guardians to have the information you need to support students in making important academic and life choices. Join Members of NIC student services have put together a video to provide resources and answer your questions. Click here to watch.


Dual Credit / Youth Train in Trades

High school students can take advantage of Dual Credit and Youth Train in Trades opportunities. These early entry opportunities allow high school students to complete university-level courses and provincially approved trades training while still in high school. Students receive credit toward their Grade 12 graduation requirements as well as NIC credit toward a degree, diploma or trades credential.

For a list of dual credit university courses, visit Dual Credit Courses . Dual credit courses are scheduled to coincide with the high school schedule. High school students are welcome to take any other NIC course, for which they meet the pre-requisites, outside the high school schedule. Browse course offerings by term.

How to apply for Dual Credit/Youth Train in Trades

Your school counsellor will assist you with completing the application, and will help you gather signatures from your parents and all relevant school district personnel.

  • Step 2: Give the form(s) to your high school counsellor

Dates may vary according to the course or program, so check with your counsellor for the correct deadline for the program that interests you.

  • Step 3: Your high school counsellor will submit your application to NIC Admissions

If you meet the admission requirements, you will be sent an acceptance letter and information to your NIC Student Email which you will access through the myNIC portal. Be sure to check this on a regular basis as all official communication from the college, such as admissions info, registration and financial ai, will go to your NIC Student email and not your personal one

Financial Aid

NIC offers support for students throughout their post-secondary journey.

Financial Aid Advisors are available to help students with accessing loans, grants, bursaries and scholarships. Student can book an apt with a Financial Aid advisor online here.

The NIC Foundation also has more than $500k in annual awards including scholarships and bursaries to help students pay for college. The application process is easy – with only one application for all bursaries and scholarships.

The awards application is available online between March 1 and April 25 each year.

NIC Student Recruiter-Advisors are here to support your high school student’s transition to post-secondary education. Whether your family would like information on how to navigate the post-secondary system in British Columbia or would like to explore the programs and courses that NIC offers, we are here for you. As a family you can connect with either Renae or Danielle by scheduling an appointment as a “Program Exploration/Apply to NIC”. If your family would like to connect with our Indigenous Education Navigators, please schedule an appointment with one of our Indigenous Education Navigators as a “Future Indigenous NIC Student”.

We want to ensure your student is on the path to career success, wherever the future takes them.

That is why NIC offers industry-approved skills training, nationally recognized credentials, networking opportunities, applied skills and knowledge. Our students gain in-demand skills and credentials that employers are looking.

To help you start, we have compiled answers to the most common questions we hear as students choose what and where they will study.


NIC offers a range of programs from certificates to degrees.

NIC students pursue careers in trades & technical, health & human services, business, tourism & hospitality, fine art and DIGITAL Design + Development, or transfer to universities across BC and beyond. NIC also offers upgrading courses, to help students meet the prerequisites for their chosen program.

Browse all of our programs.

NIC is proud to have faculty who are experts in their fields, accessible, approachable and 100% committed to your success. Our small class sizes mean you get to know your instructors and they get the chance to know you. Read more about the faculty in each area of study.

Education is an investment into your future. According to a 20-year field study by Statistics Canada, workers with post-secondary earned between 1.3 and 2 times more than high school graduates.


NIC’s university transfer students save over $10,000 per year by taking your first year courses at NIC and then transferring to university.

Every year, as a new, continuing or graduating NIC student, you are eligible to apply for more than $375,000 in scholarships and bursaries to help pay for college. Scholarships are awarded for outstanding achievement, while bursaries are based on financial need. All it takes is one application.

NIC’s financial aid advisors are here to help you navigate the world of student loans and other funding sources make an appointment today.

NIC is a community college. Our faculty, staff and other students are here to support you every step of the way. You will earn employable skills and have access to study abroad, research and internship and co-op opportunities all while learning with NIC’s expert faculty.

Check out life at NIC to learn more about what to expect during your time at NIC.

Yes, you can. We are here to help.

NIC is committed to helping you achieve your post-secondary goals. Small classes provide a discussion-friendly learning environment. Educational advisors, counsellors and elders-in-residence are available to provide guidance and support.

NIC also helps you achieve your academic best with a wide range of resources and services in our Library & Learning Commons. You will find a collaborative, inclusive environment with study and meeting spaces, research help, peer tutoring and math, writing and student technical support.

NIC’s team of educational advisors are here to help answer your questions and guide you through the process make an appointment today.

Transfer seamlessly from NIC to university thanks to NIC’s exclusive university transfer agreements. Universities across Canada have also given transfer credit for NIC programs and courses.

Take advantage of dual or guaranteed admission with UVic, VIU, UNBC and Royal Roads. Secure your seat at the start of your education and receive full credit for your NIC coursework at university. If you meet minimum GPA requirements, your admission is guaranteed. Learn more about university transfer.

55,000 students move between post-secondary institutions in BC every year. The BC Council on Admissions & Transfer (BCCAT) oversees the BC Transfer System, which enables links between post-secondary institutions, including NIC. BCCAT also provides direction over the provincial application service EducationPlannerBC, which you can use to apply to NIC.

Dual credit allows students to take first-year post-secondary academic courses while still in high school. It lets students get a sense of what post-secondary is like and also helps to lighten their course load for their first year of college.

“Dual Credit saves money, it’s a good test of what’s coming before you enroll in full-time classes at college, and the higher-level classes weren’t as scary as I thought they were going to be!”
Danielle Nichol
Grade 12 Dual Credit student

Learn more about dual credit courses offered at NIC.

The Youth Train in Trades (formerly the ACE-IT) program is an Industry Training Authority approved youth program that allows students to earn high school graduation credits, foundation trades credentials and workplace hours while still in high school. You graduate job ready and ready to continue your apprenticeship training toward your Interprovincial Red Seal designation.

“Graduating high school with my NIC trades certificate showed employers my enthusiasm for cars and made me a lot more employable. It was my jump-start.”
Austin McCoombs
Automotive Service Technician Foundation graduate

Learn more about Youth Train.

NIC students have the opportunity to travel the world and expand their education through study abroad opportunities. Students can take part in exchange programs, field schools, internships, co-ops and practicum placements, volunteer opportunities and specialized exchanges.

Learn more about Study Abroad opportunities.

Still have questions, email us at We are here to help.