Winter 2023 Artist Talk - Michelle Nguyen

Join us for the winter 2023 Artist Talk series — an event that brings engaging speakers to NIC to help foster student and professional artists in the community.

Michelle Nguyen is an oil painter whose work is primarily rooted in the processing of various forms of grief such as personal loss, intergenerational trauma, and ecological despair. 

She believes that contemporary Western society has created a culture of death denial and fear that is detrimental to the emotional and spiritual well being of the individual and the communities in which they belong to. Her goal is to encourage the viewer to think and speak openly about human mortality and acknowledge death as an inevitable reality. She believes that the act of grieving is essential for the process of healing.

Currently, she pulls inspiration from Dutch vanitas paintings, Greco-Roman mythology, liminal fiction, and her own experiences as a daughter of Vietnamese refugees.

She was born and raised in Toronto, ON but currently resides in Vancouver, BC. She has an undergraduate degree in Environmental Design from the University of British Columbia. She has recently had her work shown in cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, Paris, London, Brussels, and Seoul.

Discover her work

This event is free and open to all! We hope to see you there.