Update from Japan: Bentley Barth

NIC student Bentley Barth is studying abroad in Japan. 

The opportunity to go study abroad should never be overlooked. By living in another country and culture, you will receive some of the best riches life has to offer. From meeting new people and having to places to travel within the country and even tasting new amazing food, there’s no way you could regret studying abroad. Thankfully, through NIC, I was able to study abroad in Japan.

NUFS (Nagoya University of Foreign Studies) has arranged the school week schedule for international students in a way that allows students to go out and explore. Whether you want to spend one weekend using the Shinkansen (high speed bullet train) to go somewhere 300 kilometers away or just explore around your local town using the local train system, there is never a lack of things to see.

One weekend, I was able to head down to Hiroshima and learn about the amazing culture and history. It only takes a total of 3 hours of travel time by bullet train, so it is possible to spend the entire weekend going to the hotspots without having to worry about losing to much time getting there! I have only been here 2 months but I have fully explored Nagoya, Tokyo, and Kyoto. In June, I will head to the Island of Okinawa with some of the other exchange students.

If you are willing to be brave and trust the transportation system, you can find your way around Japan and enrich your learning outside the classroom--that’s what will make studying abroad so valuable.

It's up to you--make the most of it.