Care and Compassion Tips from NIC Counsellors

At a time with so much uncertainty in the world, it’s important to remember to take one day at a time, breath, and smile where you can, and know that there is support out there for you.

Gemeinschaftsgefulhl – A very large word coined by psychologist Alfred Adler that describes a sense of psychological wellbeing that comes when one feels connected to others and society at large. As human beings, social connectedness is crucial to our survival.

The world is asking us to practice ‘physical distancing’ at this time and we must listen to this request for the sake of the collective. But PLEASE, do not stop social engagement. In fact, reach out even more than perhaps you normally would to loved ones, and people who may be feeling isolated at this time.

And of course, stay connected to yourself and any personal practices that bring a sense of peace and connection. Dance, play music, work out, cook, take a bath, garden, feel the warm sun or a light breeze on your skin, snuggle your animal, get creative, build/mend something, listen to an inspiring podcast, etc.

When the mind starts to spin with all the uncertainty that is happening in the world right now, have a practice that takes you out of the spiral of your mind and into your body and your heart. Although we are more physically apart than ever, we are all in this together and you are supported.

With the overload of information and troubling news at the present moment, it’s normal that people may be experiencing heightened levels of anxiety.

When you feel anxiety’s tentacles reaching out sending you full speed down the ‘What if’ highway wondering about the future, see if you can p a u s e, and perhaps say to yourself,       ‘Breathe my dear’.

Anxiety is governed by our sympathetic nervous system, which commands a ‘fight-or-flight’ response. When if fires, your heart rate and breathing speed up and stress hormones like cortisol start pumping through your bloodstream, preparing your body to face threat. Deep full belly breathing activates what is called the parasympathetic nervous system, which controls the body’s rest and relaxation response.

Benefits of Deep Breathing:

If you’re feeling anxious during these times, please know the counsellors at NIC are here to help and have some tools to share. Book an appointment to connect with us.