Can I Use Colour on my Resume?

Short answer – yes! But we recommend you keep most of your text colour black. Adding a splash of colour can be a great way to make your resume eye-catching and noticeable by employers. There are things you should keep in mind:


  • Choose a colour that will show up if your resume is printed in black and white. Colours like yellow, grey, and lighter shades will make your resume difficult for an employer to read if they print it without colour


  • Use colour sparingly. You can make your name, headers and/or border lines a different colour, but the majority of your text should be kept black. This is because that’s the easiest to read – and you want to make your resume as easy as possible for an employer to review


  • Choose a colour that is reflective of you and/or the organization. For example, if they are an environmental company focused on sustainability, perhaps you choose a dark green


  • Red can be a very powerful colour, and it should be used sparingly. That said, it may be very suitable to use for a role that requires strict leadership


  • Always keep your employer and role in mind when you are crafting your resume. What would be appealing to them? Just because pink might be your favourite colour, doesn’t mean it’s something that an employer will find appealing – on the contrary, it could send your resume to the recycling bin sooner!


  • Does the job and organization want creativity, or are they more traditional? Try to think like an employer and ask yourself if using colour is suitable for your resume and the role you’re applying for.


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