Transferable English courses available online

Explore literature, creative writing, poetry, drama, essays and Indigenous Perspectives all while earning fully transferable credit.

NIC’s English courses are offered through digital delivery this fall and winter, meaning you can take them from wherever you are.

Creative Writing – Poetry/Drama (ENG-108)

ENG 108 is a first year writing seminar focusing on method and craft in poetry drama and screenplays. This seminar focuses on the practice of writing with an emphasis on learning the craft of writing through discussions, exercises, and peer critiquing. Students create a portfolio of work including both poetry and a play or screenplay.

Put your poetry writing skills to the test with the second installment of NIC’s 3-hour fiction contest, July 26.


Essay Writing & Indigenous Perspectives (ENG-116)

ENG 116 introduces university-level research and writing in the humanities and social sciences and/or natural sciences with a specific focus on contemporary Indigenous issues in Canada. Students will critically analyze and study the writing, oral and aural practices of Indigenous scholars and teachers in a variety of disciplines and settings. Emphasis is placed on respecting and interweaving non-Indigenous and Indigenous ways of knowing and research methodologies in writing a post-secondary research paper.


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