NIC Red Cross First Aid courses available online

NIC is offering a variety of Red Cross online training courses throughout the spring and summer. 

The following courses are available online. Please see NIC's First Aid page for full details on all our first aid courses and training. 

FAC-016 - Bloodborne Pathogens
This online program is designed for individuals who may be exposed to blood and body fluids or items contaminated with blood during the performance of their work and who wish to gain a basic understanding of blood-borne pathogens

FAC-017 - Medical Terminology
This online Red Cross Medical Terminology course provides an introduction to the professional language used by those who are directly and indirectly involved with the art of healing. The course will also introduce those not currently involved in the health care environment with an introduction to the language of medicine, along with the basics of human anatomy and physiology. 

FAC-045 - Cannabis in the Workplace: Training For Workers
This online course aims to give employees the best possible understanding of the differences between medical and recreational cannabis, their responsibilities when using medical cannabis in the workplace, and employer responsibilities. This course explains the laws relating to human rights legislation and the duty to accommodate employees who have medical authorization to use cannabis.

FAC-046 - Cannabis in the Workplace: Management Training
This online course provides participants with information about cannabis in the workplace, focusing on the issue of impairment and providing practical guidance to help develop and apply appropriate and effective policies and procedures. This course has been designed for business owners, organizational leaders, and those with management responsibilities.

FAC-056 Psychological First Aid - Self-Care
This exciting online program assists learners from youth to seniors in developing a personal understanding of the effects of stress, loss, grief and trauma, with an emphasis on self-care and personal protection. 

FAC-057 Psychological First Aid - Caring for Others
This exciting online program assists learners from youth to seniors in developing a personal understanding of the effects of stress, loss, grief and trauma on others, with an emphasis on caring for others. Learners will be introduced to the Red Cross Look, Listen, Link, Live model and will learn how to support others to cope with the effects of various types of stress. 

WSF-017 - Lock Out - Tag Out
"Lockout/Tagout" refers to specific practices and procedures to safeguard workers from the unexpected energizing or start-up of machinery and equipment, or the release of hazardous energy during service or maintenance activities. The course examines basic workplace safety tenets and examines the specific stages and procedures of the Lockout/Tagout process.

WSF-050 - Fire Safety
This online Fire Safety course teaches participants about the legislated fire safety responsibilities of the employer and the worker, describes safe work practices related to fire prevention, and provides practical information about emergency response in situations involving fire.