NIC student scholarship and bursary application process opens on March 1

There are hundreds of awards to support students on their educational journey at NIC.

The NIC Foundation is now taking applications for scholarships, bursaries and other financial awards until midnight April 24.

 The process is made simpler by the fact that current, future or graduating students can apply for these opportunities through a single application form. The application period starts March 1. Each year, the Foundation provides scholarships and bursaries to hundreds of students. All of this happens because of the generosity of North Island communities.

“Our donors have always been enthusiastic in their support of NIC students,” said Sandra Harrison, NIC Foundation board chair. “These awards make such a difference in the lives of NIC students, and we are grateful to everyone for their generous donations over the years.”

For support with the application process, students can watch a step-by-step tutorial video that walks them through the application steps and the questions they’ll be asked. As well, NIC Foundation staff members can help answer questions and guide students through the process.

For the students, these financial awards help with costs associated with post-secondary education.

“I'm deeply grateful to the generous donors who selected me as a scholarship recipient. Receiving the 'Congratulations! Award notification' email filled me with indescribable joy and hope, especially during a time when my financial situation was hindering my academic pursuits,” student Angel Masih said. “This scholarship significantly eases my financial burden and reinforces my belief in hard work and dedication. It strengthens my commitment to excel academically, give back to the community, and honor the donors' belief in my potential.”

The benefits from earning a scholarship or bursary go beyond the financial too, as this support can provide an important vote of confidence in students and their talents.

“I will forever be grateful for having been selected to receive this award. The support really means a lot, and this further motivates me to do well in my studies,” student Maarja Dalmacio said. “I will strive hard to reach my goals and make everyone who has helped me in my studies proud. Please accept my endless gratitude. I also hope to pay the kindness and support forward someday.”

Students can visit for searchable database of awards and the online application form.

About the NIC Foundation

The NIC Foundation has been advancing student success, education and community growth through NIC for more than 29 years. It supports NIC students through scholarships and bursaries, equips classrooms with current technology and ensures the best possible learning facilities are accessible on the Central and North Island. It envisions a future where every student has the opportunity to pursue post‐secondary education, train for a new career or develop employable skills to support themselves and their families.

To support the NIC Foundation and make a difference in the lives of post‐secondary students, call 250-334-5074 or visit

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