International Education Week - NIC Podcast Series

Take a listen to NIC international experiences.

Listen to students and faculty talk about their international experiences.

Romania – Christopher Bilinsky, a student in NIC’s Coastal Forest Technology Diploma Program talks about his time on exchange in Romania - Christopher Bilinsky in Romania

Brazil - Megan Wilson, NIC Faculty in DIGITAL Design and Development, tells us about her trip to Manaus in Brazil in October 2022, where she visited the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Amazonas. The aim of her trip was to develop collaborative projects between NIC and IFAM students, to discuss with faculty pedagogical approaches to teaching design, and to explore possible opportunities for institutional partnerships. - Megan Wilson in Brazil
Costa Rica – In 2022, with grant support from the Faculty Mobility for Partnership Building Program, Laura Johnston, NIC Faculty English and Indigenous Education, developed an opportunity for Virtual Exchange between First Nations students in Costa Rica and English 096. Laura visited Indigenous communities in Costa Rica with a local instructor Diana Segura Sojo to learn and share knowledge with Elders and Knowledge Keepers with the students. Laura Johnston in Costa Rica

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NIC International Education Week