New Marine Essentials Plus training

Partner Announcement: The Campbell River & District Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to announce a Marine Essentials Plus: Enhanced 20-day training, in partnership with North Island College.

This Transport Canada Marine Industry training, starting July 13,  will get individuals working as deckhands, operating crew boats, tourism-related vessels or aquaculture and more!

Three of these courses can be applied toward the Master Limited, Less than 60-ton certification which will be offered this fall.

The 20-day training is funded by the Government of Canada through the Canada-BC Workforce Development Agreement. It is comprised of the following industry certifications for marine-regulated occupations: 

•    Marine Basic First Aid*
•    SVOP — Small Vessel Operator Proficiency
•    WHMIS — Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System
•    Job Ready — Research potential employment, Resume prep & distribution
•    ROC-MC* — Restricted Operator Certificate-Maritime Commercial
•    DVS* — Domestic Vessel Safety
•    FoodSafe

Enhanced*: Transport Canada regulated courses can be applied towards higher level certifications such as Master Limited, Less than 60-ton.

Participants must be:

•    At least 16 years old
•    Residing in B.C.
•    Have a Social Insurance Number (SIN) – Permanent Residents of Canada
•    Training-ready
•    Unemployed, or part-time, seasonally, casually, or precariously employed 

The program begins July 13 and will complete August 10. Classes run full-time, Monday to Friday.

As this is a Campbell River & District Chamber of Commerce contract training, please email or call 250-287-4636 to register.

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