NIC developing new community engagement strategy

NIC is welcoming Dr. Diane Naugler to their new position of Director, Future Students & Community Engagement which will support increased connections with NIC future students, current students, employees and alumni.

Naugler has served as Dean, Faculty of Business and Applied Studies at NIC since 2016.  In addition to their role as dean, they took on several leadership roles in college-wide initiatives, and have been active in a variety of community organizations.

“We are so excited to welcome Diane to this new role,” said Kathleen Kuhnert, vice president, students & community engagement. “They not only bring proven, effective leadership, they also bring a strong knowledge of and appreciation for NIC, including our history, successes and goals for the future.”

Naugler leads the division of Future Students & Community Engagement, created as part of the College’s organizational restructure, which aligns operations with NIC’s new strategic plan. BUILD 2026 includes a focus on community engagement and supports for students, employees and the communities NIC serves.

“Our goal is to take a 360-degree approach to how we engage with students at NIC,” said Naugler. “From when they are a prospective student looking at programs, as they move through the application and registration process, supporting them while they are at NIC and staying connected with them as they move on to the next stage in their educational or career journey.”

Naugler is excited for the opportunity this new role offers in being able to share the stories they hear about the College with the NIC community and beyond.

“Whenever I’m out at events I hear these great stories from people about how studying at NIC changed their lives – whether it was where they took their first upgrading or university-level course, a faculty member who inspired them to pursue a new career path or supports that were available to help them find success as a student and beyond,” said Naugler.

One of the key initiatives of the new role is the creation of college-wide alumni association to foster connections with the thousands of NIC alumni throughout the region and beyond.

“Our goal is to create a network for alumni, to keep them up-to-date with what’s happening at NIC and provide opportunities for them to connect to each other,” said Naugler. “We also know alumni are interested in giving back through offering our students mentorship and work-integrated learning opportunities, and this association will help us make those key connections as the next generation of community leaders study at NIC.”