NIC in the News: From Port Alberni's Shelter Farm to the classroom

Submitted photo/Alberni Valley News

The Port Alberni Shelter Society's Shelter Farm served as the training ground for NIC students in the new Food Production and Processing course, which focused on ensuring that unused food does not go to waste.

The 15-week program trained students to work in the farm's processing facility and includes work placement too — offering them the chance to gain important skills and experience creating value-added food products with a long shelf life, reports the Alberni Valley News.

"With excess potatoes, students sliced these and processed them into frozen stores that can be used by chefs in restaurants. Some of them were freeze-dried and some were turned into potato chips.

When the Shelter Farm received a truckload of grapes, the class made grape jam and pickled grapes. They cooked grapes into loaves of focaccia and cooked grape and melon soup.

Even when the class made paneer (an Indian soft cheese), the leftover whey from the lesson was used for making breads and soups. Nothing went to waste in the program."

The story is part of the Alberni Valley News' 'Progress 2021' series. Read the full article.