NIC Student Leadership Retreat a major success

NIC’s Student Leadership Retreat featured activities on conflict resolution, communication and more. Students hope to build the annual event into an experience that supports post-secondary students across Vancouver Island.

Members of NIC’s Student Leadership Team are celebrating their most successful leadership retreat yet.

A record number of 28 students attended this year’s retreat at Camp Homewood on Quadra Island, including one student who flew in from Kamloops.

“The retreat surpassed my expectations and taught me lessons I will carry with me for the rest of my life,” said Sam Baker, from Thomson Rivers University (TRU). “I felt welcomed and supported the whole time and I want to thank NIC for providing TRU with this amazing opportunity. We hope you will include us in future retreats.”

Public speaker and leadership consultant Troy Stende led the retreat, which focused on team-building exercises and strategies to recognize individual goals and aspirations.

One exercise helped students visualize breaking through barriers and fears that might prevent them from reaching their goals by punching through a board on which they had written a fear or doubt on one side and a positive outcome for conquering that fear or doubt on the other side.

“It was such a fun way to learn,” said Student Leadership Team member Rachel Birch.

The weekend also featured seminars on conflict resolution, communication and dealing with uncomfortable situations, as well as plenty of games, food and laughter.

Beneath all the fun is a chance for self-discovery.

“There’s a self-reflective component,” said Birch. “You learn how to challenge yourself and have better relationships with others. It’s energizing.”

Fellow team member Marvin Board said the chance to get to know your peers is another valuable aspect of the retreat.

“We all started as strangers and ended up as friends by the end of the trip,” he said.

The event is open to all post-secondary students from across BC and Canada, with the long-term goal of becoming “the destination leadership retreat on Vancouver Island for post-secondary students.”

Anyone seeking more information on future leadership retreats can contact Birch at 250-816-6327 or

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