Join NIC faculty for a series of interactive Zoom chats on their areas of expertise, followed by an opportunity for you to ask questions about their field and post-secondary studies in their area.

The world of work is changing rapidly and now more than ever, it’s important for students to be able to speak to REAL people who can share their own professional work experiences and provide the latest information students need to help with career planning and important decision-making.

Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout June:

SESSION: So you want to be an archaeologist?
Date: June 11
So you like studying history and anthropology, and love learning about other cultures and human experiences? Bring your questions and ask Dr. Jennifer Botica what it's like to be an anthropological archaeologist and historian. Find out how NIC can help you get there!

SESSION: So you want to be a marine biologist?
Date: June 16
You like being in, on, or near the ocean and want to learn about all the organisms in it? Find out more and ask Dr. Aisling Brady what it’s like to be a marine biologist on Vancouver Island and work in tropical areas around the world.

SESSION: So you're curious about business?
Date: June 18

Are you good with numbers but don’t know what you want to do for work in the future? Do you like logic puzzles or solving problems? Are you curious about studying business? How about a career in accounting? Find out more about the opportunities that exist with a business degree from NIC with Judith Marriott, CPA, CA.

SESSION: So you want to get a degree that will help you make a difference?
Date: June 23
Do you like solving problems and being a part of the solution? Do you like learning about society and social issues? Ever wonder where this could lead to in terms of career choices? In University Studies, you will learn important skills to tackle problems like climate change, Indigenous-Canada reconciliation, anti-racism, gender equality, and working toward just economies. Find out more about the different career & education paths available to you and how you can make a difference with Dr. Jen Wrye.

SESSION: So you like studying English but wonder what career path that could lead to?
Date: June 23
Do you enjoy studying English at school?  Do you like writing and reading? Ever wonder what a career in communications could look like? Are you curious about what studying English at postsecondary could lead to in terms of career choices and options? Find out more about different career paths available to you after studying English at postsecondary with Mac Newton.

SESSION: So you want to study business?
Date: June 25
Do you want to learn more about economics? Are you interested in socioeconomics and how it impacts community development? Ever wonder what studying economics would be like and what it could lead to in terms of career choices? Find out more about the different career paths available to you with Othman Bennis.

SESSION: So you’re interested in business marketing?
Date: June 25
What could be similar between a college education and a garden hose? Find out and discover how marketing skills can be applied today to any business or industry. Hear about some common marketing misconceptions and learn what marketing is and isn’t from Harley Elias.

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