Thrive Month - Be Heard

Join NIC President, Dr. Lisa Domae and members of the Leadership Team to talk about student mental health and well-being.

Meet Dr. Lisa Domae and members of NIC’s Leadership Team and join them in a discussion about student well-being and support. 

How is your well-being being supported at NIC? What changes would you like to see to increase students’ mental health? What works for you and how can we support you better? Make your suggestions heard and offer feedback on your experience as a student to Dr. Lisa Domae and the Leadership Team. 

You’ll also get to learn more about services and supports available at NIC as it relates to student’s health and wellness.

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To increase student-well-bring, health and wellness begins with knowing students as individuals, treating each student fairly and equitably, and celebrating and learning from their diversity.

NIC will embed student well-being into programming to improve accessibility and build connections between students as they balance their responsibilities.

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