NIC celebrates first Thrive Week

Message from NIC President John Bowman on Thrive Week

Dear College Community,

NIC’s inaugural Thrive Week is almost upon us! Starting February 3-7, NIC will celebrate and promote positive mental health and well-being amongst the whole NIC community, including students, staff and faculty.

Supporting the health and well-being of everyone at NIC is important. The stress and anxiety students feel throughout their post-secondary years can be significant. Mental health and well-being is one of the many values identified in the strategic planning process. It is included in College Plan20-25.

I encourage you to watch for the campus schedules posted here on the many activities and initiatives that have been planned on healthy living, connection, social support, inclusion and caring for self and others.

A big thank you to Felicity Blaiklock, the Thrive Planning group, Campus Life Advisory Committee and to everyone who has contributed to the planning, organizing and staging of these weeklong series of events.

Please be part of the conversation during Thrive week and throughout the rest of the year to promote the importance of mental health and well-being within our own institution and our learning community.

Together we can help make NIC a more thriving place to learn and work.

John Bowman