NIC online office admin training powers new careers

NIC office administration alumni Linda Schmidt said NIC’s online training helped her start a new career.

Linda Schmidt and Jessica Macy leveraged NIC’s flexible online office administration training into exciting new business careers.

The two NIC alumni now work in key administrative positions at Blue Ocean Dental Group, which has locations across Vancouver Island. Schmidt is human resources and finance manager for the firm, while Macy is a receptionist and administrative support member.

Both women were feeling unfulfilled in their previous jobs.

“I had been a licensed optician for over 22 years and was looking for a career change,” said Schmidt. “With no training in any other field, I knew I needed to return to school. I was always interested in accounting and office administration work and felt NIC’s training would open doors for me to make a career change.”

Schmidt enrolled in the Accounting Assistant program (now the Computing Accounting Assistant program) and graduated with specialized computer accounting skills tailored for virtually any industry.

“The online classes allowed me to access the classes according to my schedule,” said Schmidt. “The skills I learned secured me a position where I was able to use the education immediately and this has helped me advance to a senior role in a field that I was excited to be in. I still use my training on a daily basis.”

Macy was a trained esthetician who had previously worked in retail. Although she enjoyed her previous jobs, she wanted a career with longterm potential. NIC’s online courses and affordable tuition caught her eye.

“I was already working to pay off a previous student loan and I didn’t want additional debt,” said Macy. “Because the program was online, I was able to work and study at the same time. It was also nice because I could take a few different classes at a time and not overwork myself.”

Macy enrolled in the Office Assistant I certificate, then went on to earn her Computing Accounting Assistant certificate. After graduating, she was hired at Blue Ocean Dental Group alongside her fellow NIC alumna Schmidt.

“I feel like both of those programs really opened the door to so many more opportunities for me,” said Macy. “The skills I learned have allowed me to continue to grow as a business professional and explore what I enjoy about the industry and where I see my career going. It also taught me to overcome day-to-day challenges and that I am capable of doing anything I put my mind to.”

NIC’s range of office administration programs offers students a wide range of business skills valued by employers, including business communications, electronic spreadsheets, organizational management and much more.

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