Artist prepping for grad school with NIC

Rosemary Bockner in her home studio on Quadra Island.

Quadra Island resident and NIC student Rosemary Bockner is perfecting her portfolio for grad school with the help from NIC’s Fine Art courses. 

Bockner got her Fine Arts Degree at Concordia University and took the Comics and Graphic Novel Program from Camosun College.

She’s now preparing for the next step in her education, taking specific Fine Art courses at NIC to help get her portfolio together and expand her artistic skill set. 

“It has been great to work with Rosemary,” said Sara Vipond, NIC School of Fine Art faculty member. “She is a prolific and passionate artist and a great addition to our program.”

“One of the strengths of the NIC Fine Art Diploma program is the diverse student body,” added Vipond. “We have students fresh out of high school, mature artists who have maintained their art practice and enroll in our courses to learn new techniques, and students with families and careers who are finally fulfilling their dream of going to art school. Having this age range in our classroom makes for a dynamic exchange where we learn from one another.”

Bockner knew it was valuable to have an experienced mentor and supportive faculty as she mostly works at a distance with limited time while raising her child.

“It all comes down to how great the teacher is; they are definitely hard to come by,” said Bockner. “It’s so valuable to work with someone who knows exactly what a portfolio needs to be. I told her at the beginning, I need an editor; I need someone to come in and cut my portfolio in half. Every time I go in, there’s a purpose.”

Bockner is now working on building her website, with plans to apply to grad school for next year.

With a busy schedule including raising her baby, Bockner says she’s proof that you can find a balance between life and school to get where you want to go.

“This program is possible with a family. I want other moms and single mothers to know, they can do this,” said Bockner. “You have the support at the school. You can call the counsellor and if you need academic help, they have that too. It’s also all about networking, and NIC offers these great connections everywhere.”

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