NIC launches Computer Information Systems program

The new program includes computer programming, web scripting, database fundamentals and systems administration to prepare students to develop and manage modern information systems.

“Employees who maintain networks, systems and software are invaluable and in high demand in the region,” said Neil Cruickshank, NIC dean of arts, science & technology. “This program provides students with the foundational skills to find employment in a wide range of information technology areas.”

NIC began developing the CIS certificate after receiving feedback from employers in the region about a lack of qualified candidates to fill key roles in information technology.

The BC Labour Market Outlook: 2018 Edition predicts 24,920 computer information system job openings across the province by 2028, including 4,460 on Vancouver Island and the central coast.

“Part of what makes this certificate program truly exceptional is that while students will earn a credential and be prepared for a job in the IT sector, the program was also designed with transferability in mind, so students can also continue their studies, if they want,” said Cruickshank.

The program combines theory with practical applied skills through hands-on lab exercises and projects. Graduates will be able to enter the workforce or continue their training through diploma and degree programs at other post-secondary institutions across British Columbia.

“Being able to put theory to practice is crucial in an industry like this,” said Brian Koehler, education technology advisor and NIC Computer Systems instructor. “You need to be able to apply the theory and principles in real-world examples to see how they work.”

Computer information is a fascinating field because it’s always changing and there’s always new information to learn, but the fundamentals stay the same, said Koehler.

“It’s really about troubleshooting and problem solving,” he said. “Being able to think through processes, break them down into their individual components and then create a solution. If you love problem solving and puzzles, this is a career for you.”

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