Digital summer courses lighten students’ workloads

Introduction to Criminology (CRM-101) and other NIC spring and summer courses are available in both seven-week and 14-week sessions and are delivered entirely online starting in May. Visit to browse course offerings, which include biology, chemistry, English, mathematics and more.

NIC is offering students a wide range of transferable courses starting in May to help students get a head start on university or post-secondary studies in the fall.

Spring and summer courses are available in both seven-week and 14-week sessions and will be delivered almost entirely online.

“We look forward to welcoming our intersession students this spring and summer,” said Neil Cruickshank, NIC’s dean of arts, science and technology. “We have put together a strong mix of courses that will enable students in all subjects the opportunity to get a head start to the fall.”

“Intersession courses are a great opportunity to explore your interests and passions too, whether it’s in the arts, one of the STEM fields or other areas of study,” Cruickshank added.

NIC digital class sizes are capped at 35 students (or lower) and course credits transfer seamlessly to Vancouver Island University, the University of British Columbia, the University of Victoria and other post-secondary institutions.

With NIC tuition among the lowest in the province, students can also save money by taking courses in the spring or summer — whether they’re studying biology, chemistry, English, mathematics, business, psychology or in another area of study.

Examples of courses include Financial Accounting Fundamentals (BUS-100), Essay Writing and Critical Analysis (ENG-115), Introduction to Criminology (CRM-101), Anatomy and Physiology II (BIO-161) and Canadian History: Pre-Confederation (HIS-111).

If you are interested in starting classes this May or want to check out available courses, visit or contact a student recruiter-advisor at