NIC dual admission alum says balance, comradery keys to success

Livia Hosegrove finds her ability to find academic success by also balancing time for healthy behaviors such as hiking in the forest.  

NIC/UVic dual admission student Livia Hosegrove is well on her way to a career in medicine after starting her post-secondary journey at NIC.

This Fall, she will transfer to UVic, after completing her first three years of studies in science at NIC, with plans to focus her career on a combination of functional and naturopathic medicine. She finished her time at NIC as the winner of the President’s Award for Academic Excellence for University Studies.

She believes she found success at NIC because she prioritized both coursework, part-time work and her own wellbeing – something she encourages other students to do as they head into their fall semesters.

“I’m a well-balanced student. It’s possible to have other activities and still do well in school. You don’t have to be tied to your desk,” Hosegrove explained.

Hosegrove took a strategic approach to her studies. Instead of packing all of her courses into the Fall and Winter terms, she spread out her coursework into the Spring and Summer terms as well. Taking a lighter course load each term allowed her to also prioritize working a part-time job to pay for her studies and fit in her own health routines like hiking, weightlifting and making healthy meals.

“Personally, I know if I try and do four or five courses in science, it’s just too overwhelming because I want to do each thing well. I’m a very determined person and I like to really understand the concepts and know the material,” said Hosegrove.

Hosegrove has the sense that many students feel that they have to finish their schooling as quickly as possible and she finds it frustrating that so many are competitive. “A lot of people are in a rush. I want to actually enjoy school. I’m not doing it for awards or success or to beat others. I don’t think of it as a competition,” she explains.

Despite her success at NIC, Hosegrove acknowledges that the local college wasn’t her first choice after high school.

“Growing up in the Comox Valley, in high school I definitely didn’t want to attend NIC. I wanted to leave town to go to school.” However, when Hosegrove reached grade twelve and had to make tough decisions, she learned more about what NIC had to offer and found that it was the right next step.

“It was the dual admission program at NIC that made me realize that it might be the best fit for me. Dual admission allowed me to stay at home and save money, but also allowed me to apply for scholarships at both NIC and UVic.” said Hosegrove.

After learning about the NIC dual admission program, Hosegrove discovered other benefits to coming to NIC. “Class sizes were smaller and you get more help from the instructor so it’s more personal. By going to NIC, I was able to save some money while taking the same courses as those that are offered at UVic and other transfer institutions. There were plenty of interesting courses to choose from and many of my electives ended up being some of my favourite material to learn.”

Hosegrove found that her success at NIC was bolstered by being surrounded by students who were also hard-working and dedicated.

“It was good this last year as I had a study group of colleagues.  It wasn’t competitive. Everyone was very smart and doing their best. There was room for everyone and we tested one another and worked collaboratively,” she said.

Some of the students Hosegrove met during her time at NIC are also transfer students to UVic, so she will have additional connections when she moves to Victoria later this summer.

“I don’t think I was ready to live on my own right after high school, and since I stayed at home for the first few years, I’m less anxious about the transition and more excited to finish my education somewhere new.”

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