NIC nursing grads receive their nursing pins

NIC nursing grads take part in a candle lighting ceremony to mark their entry into the profession. Grads also received their nursing pins — an important rite of passage for new nurses.

A new cohort of NIC nurses have graduated and earned their nursing pins — a rite of passage that dates back before the turn of the 20th century.

The origin of the nursing pin was the Maltese cross. During the Renaissance, the cross was used as a symbol by pioneers of disease care.

The use of the symbol evolved over time into family coat of arms and would be given to those who provided exclusive services. The pins would be given to nurses during times of uncontrolled illnesses as recognition of their education, training and experience.

The pin is still worn by nurses as part of their uniform, representing the program from which they graduated. Receiving a pin is a time-honoured tradition for nursing schools, including NIC.

This year's nursing graduates also took part in a candle lighting ceremony — another longstanding tradition symbolizing the passing of the torch to those embarking on a nursing career.

To see photos from this year's ceremony, head to our Facebook page to check out our album.

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