NIC study abroad adds 35 new destination countries

Former NIC student Jacob Teichrib spent a year studying abroad in Japan. Teichrib recommends all students take advantage of the study abroad opportunities available at NIC.

NIC students can now access hundreds of study abroad opportunities in 35 countries on the Pacific Rim thanks to the signing of a new international partnership agreement.

The University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP) Multilateral Student Exchange Program is an international agreement that streamlines the study abroad process for over 500 institutions. UMAP includes a variety of study abroad options from semester-long exchanges to summer programs to short-term opportunities.

“This agreement gives NIC students more opportunities to go global with their learning,” said Mark Herringer, NIC’s executive director of international education. “Our students can now take advantage of study abroad opportunities all around the world, while still earning transferable credits and working toward their credentials.”

All NIC students registered in programs are eligible to apply to the UMAP program. Once accepted, NIC works with the host institution to develop a study plan to ensure all credits earned while abroad will transfer to NIC credits.

“Studying abroad gives students a fantastic opportunity to learn about another culture, and about themselves in a fully-supported way,” said Herringer.

Former NIC student Jacob Teichrib spent a year in Japan at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies, which turned into a life-changing decision. He was able to transfer his NIC and overseas credits to continue his education at UBC when he returned to Canada.

Teichrib would encourage anyone to look into the study abroad opportunities available at NIC.

“You learn a lot about yourself when you’re in another country when you don’t know the language and don’t know the culture,” he said. “It’s really eye-opening and promotes a lot of self-growth.”

Applications are now open for exchange opportunities. NIC’s Global Engagement Liaison is available to help students determine which study abroad opportunity is right for them and to help them through the application process.

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