NIC takes home national award for excellence in Global Education

Patricia Trasolini, Sara Child, Mark Herringer, Shelley Humble and Romana Pasca, celebrated NIC's Global Excellence Award at CICAN's World Congress in Montreal on behalf of NIC. 

North Island College (NIC) received a national award for Canada’s first plan committed to Indigenizing international education at a college or university.

The bronze award, presented at the College and Institutes Canada World Congress in Montreal April 24, recognizes the broad international activity of the Office of Global Engagement (OGE) including Journeying Together, which puts into action NIC’s institutional commitment to Indigenization, decolonization and reconciliation through a global lens.

Mark Herringer, NIC’s Executive Director of International Education, and Sara Child, Indigenous Education Facilitator filling in for Kelly Shopland, NIC’s Executive Director, Indigenous Education, accepted the award on behalf of NIC.

“This award recognizes the people who have worked so hard over the years to see Indigenization in action at NIC,” said Shopland. “Mark’s commitment, and his team’s openness to collaborate and learn from Indigenous Elders and the Indigenous Education Council at NIC throughout this process, continues to be essential. I’m so proud on behalf of NIC and be recognized for work that has taken years to fall into place.”

The plan was informed by NIC’s Indigenization plan, Working Together.

“The plan is a commitment to transform what we do and how we do international education, to weave together aspects of Indigenization with internationalization,” said Herringer.

It includes a wide range of actions that engages international students as immigrants to Canada by introducing them to Indigenous knowledge and understanding throughout their studies – from orientation to graduation.

“This work is a broad and deep series of programs and initiatives being run at NIC, and the Indigenizing piece is unique. It is driven by where we are and who we are as an institution. This award really recognizes that work, for which we are very grateful,” explained Herringer.

Journeying Together was seeded through a connection with Kapiʻolani Community College in Hawaiʻi and evolved into an Indigenous language field school run by Child and supported by OGE’s Romana Pasca.

“During the language revitalization work in Hawaiʻi, it became clear that it was important to not just be supportive or collaborative with Indigenous communities,” said Herringer. “We realized that we must focus on building an institutional-wide way of working and also a learning process that serves the needs of local communities, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, in an Indigenized and decolonized way.”

NIC Board members Patricia Trasolini and Shelley Humble attended the awards ceremony with NIC representatives. Sara Child, Mark Herringer and Romana Pasca, Manager, International Programs, Partnerships and Global Education, joined Kapiʻolani Community College’s Dean of Arts and Science Nāwaʻa Napoleon at the World Congress to share Journeying Together with colleagues from universities and colleges across Canada.

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