Making Sense of Course Codes

NIC course codes provide important information on specific details of a course. You can use these details to create your timetable and register using Student Planning.

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NIC courses are delivered through various delivery types:

  • On-campus, scheduled
    • class held fully on campus
    • indicated by campus in the course code (ex: CRS = Campbell River, scheduled)
  • On-campus and digital (blended)
    • course has both on-campus and digital components
    • indicated by campus and delivery (ex: CRB = Campbell River, blended)
  • On-campus and digital, HyFlex
    • available by digital and on-campus delivery at the same time
    • indicated by campus and delivery (ex: CRH = Campbell River, HyFlex)
  • Digital, scheduled
    • course held digitally, with set online meeting times with the instructor
    • indicated by code DLS = digital, scheduled
  • Digital, unscheduled
    • course held digitally, without scheduled class times
    • indicated by code DLU = digital, unscheduled
  • Digital, continuous entry
    • course held digitally, without scheduled class times and with student-specific start and end dates
    • indicated by code DLC = digital, continuous entry
  • Digital, unscheduled with scheduled exam
    • course held digitally, with on-campus scheduled exam or proctor arrangement by student at another location
    • indicated by code DLM = digital with on-campus scheduled exam

How to read course codes

Each course code is made up of five parts: subject, course level & number, location & delivery type, section number and special section (if applicable).

Example: BUS 100 DLU1R

BUS 100 DL U 1 R
Subject area Course level & number
L indicates a lab
0 level courses are upgrading
1-4 level courses are university level
Location Delivery Section number or letter (0-9 or A-Z) - some courses have multiple times for you to choose from. These are differentiated by the section number Special section (see below)


The location code indicates where your course will be held.

Location codes:

  • CR = Campbell River
  • CV = Comox Valley
  • DL = Digital*
  • PA = Port Alberni
  • PH = Mixalakwila campus (at Port Hardy)
  • UC = Ucluelet

Note: if your location code is followed by a ‘B’, it means the course is blended, with some parts of the course delivered digitally. Ex: CRB = Campbell River, blended.

*students taking digital courses need access to a computer and the internet

Delivery Type

Delivery type indicates how your course is scheduled. Some courses will have scheduled classes, with specific class times, some will be unscheduled with no set time. The delivery code indicates how your course will run.

Delivery Types:

S: Scheduled

  • can be either on-campus or digital classes
  • scheduled classes delivered each week
  • defined start and end dates

B: Blended Delivery

  • course combines digital delivery and on-campus instruction
  • digital delivery is done independently
  • On-campus learning is scheduled
  • defined start and end dates

U: Unscheduled

  • digital classes only
  • no scheduled class time
  • defined start and end dates

C: Continuous Entry

  • digital classes only
  • individualized instruction and meeting times
  • student-specific start and end dates
  • access to a computer and the internet required

H: HyFlex

  • available digitally and on-campus at the same time
  • instructor will teach from the on-campus location indicated in the timetable
  • scheduled classes delivered each week
  • defined start and end dates

M: Unscheduled with Scheduled Exam

  • digital unscheduled course delivery
  • student attends on-campus for in-person, scheduled final exam or arranges for proctor in another location
  • may also have in-person lab component
  • defined start and end dates

Please note: delivery type does not include instructor office hours and other optional meeting times. This will be included in the instructor’s course outline.

Special Section (reserved code)

Code Name
B Business
C Computer Information Certificate
E Early Childhood Education
F Fine Arts Diploma
G High School Dual Credit
I Digital Design & Development
L Local Students (reserved for people in a particular community)
M Criminology
N Nursing
P Island Pre-Health
R Reserved for a custom group
T Tourism & Hospitality
U Human Services
V Adventure Guiding
X Electronics or Electrical
Y or Z Special Contracts