Placement Assessments

We want you to succeed. NIC offers a variety of placement tests to help you meet program entry requirements or workplace skill requirements.

Assessment services will review your academic history with you to determine the following:

  • what you need to be successful in NIC’s programs and courses
  • how you can upgrade to meet entry requirements for NIC’s programs and courses

North Island College accepts English and Math placement tests in lieu of transcripts and offers placement testing at all five campuses. Students can either provide a high school transcript or take a placement test to ensure that they have the necessary English and/or Math skills for their studies. Students should do a placement assessment if:

  • your high school transcript is not available
  • your high school grades do not meet the course or program academic pre-requisites
  • your high school grades are older than admissions requirement states, or
  • you are interested in knowing your current English and math skills

The placement process requires the following four steps:

  1. Meet with an advisor to obtain a PREP (a PREP is a Preparatory Form completed by you and the Advisor, determining your educational goals and next steps in the placement process - this step must be completed to book your placement). To book an advisor appointment online go to:
  2. Schedule, pay for and complete your placement
  3. Receive feedback on your assessment from NIC faculty or the assessment clerk
  4. Reconnect with your Advisor to develop a plan to move forward

NIC offers placement testing for English and math at all our locations and off-campus options for NIC students outside our region.

Are you of Indigenous ancestry? Please contact an Aboriginal educational advisor first to review the placement process.

To book a placement test on campus, please call 250-334-5000 or contact assessment services> at your nearest campus.

Placement tests fees:

Math or English Placements:

$15.00 (NIC applicant, on campus)

$20.00 (NIC applicant, off campus)

$40.00 (Non-applicant)