Find an Agent

NIC collaborates with verified recruitment partners around the world who can assist with the application, admission and preparation for studies at NIC. All NIC recruitment partners receive NIC training and support to ensure they are capable of sharing our programs, culture and student experiences with prospective students.

Students applying from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Nigeria and Philippines are required to work with an authorized representative.

If you are an applicant in Canada with valid study permit, you are not required to work with an authorized representative.

How to indicate an agent on my application

When lodging an application on EducationPlannerBC website, please indicate the agent name, agency name and email address and specify that you authorize NIC to release the information to the agency you indicated.

How to add an agent after application is submitted

  1. Download the Release of Information/Proxy Form.
  2. Complete sections 1, 2, and 4 on the form. The form must be signed by hand by the applicant.
  3. Forward the completed and scanned Release of Information/Proxy Form along with a copy of your current and valid passport showing your signature to The form must be forwarded to directly from the applicant.
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