T2202 - Tuition and Enrolment Certificate

All post-secondary institutions are required to provide the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) with each student's Social Insurance Number (SIN) on the Tuition and Enrolment Certificate (T2202). A T2202 form is produced for each student at NIC who is registered in eligible courses. Further information regarding the eligibility of amounts can be found at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) site. Information about Authorized Federal use of the SIN can be found on the Government of Canada site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a T2202?

The Tuition and Enrolment Certificate (T2202) is an official tax receipt. It is issued to all students who have incurred tuition and fees for qualifying courses that are eligible to claim on the income tax return.

How do I get my T2202?

The Tuition and Enrolment Certificate (T2202) is available by logging into your myNIC account and selecting Financial Information found under the Student Self-Service menu. Continuing Education and Training students can access their tax forms through Tax Information in Self-Service. Each tax year, the new slip is available before the end of February deadline.

Where can I enter my SIN for use on the T2202?

All NIC students can use the online Social Insurance Number (SIN) Submission page to enter your SIN. Please access this page by logging in with your myNIC credentials to this link. You may also provide us with this number in person at your local campus.

Canada Revenue Agency requires that post-secondary institutions include a student’s Social Insurance Number (SIN) on their tax forms. North Island College may not have your SIN on file. Please provide this number either in person at your local campus or by securely logging into Update Your SIN.

What if I need to update my SIN?

If you have determined that the SIN on file is incorrect, please visit Student Services office at any campus in person to provide the correct number. Be sure to bring your Social Insurance Number (SIN) card and a valid piece of government issued photo ID (e.g. driver’s license, passport) so that we are able to update your number.

Where can I find more information about the SIN?

For more information, access the CRA website.

I am an International student; am I required to provide a SIN? Do I need a T2202?

If you have earned income in Canada and are filing a Canadian tax return, you are required to provide NIC your SIN. NIC is required to provide the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) with each student's SIN on the T2202. The T2202 tax receipt will allow you to use tuition paid as a tax deduction on your income tax return.